By Alina Kantor

Bushranger international scale Mukhtar Ablyazov chose the Apennines as a springboard for informational battles with their enemies. 


Mukhtar Ablyazov some consider a financial genius. Thanks to these stolen ex-head of BTA-bank five billion dollars, it actually turned into the invisible man. Today, his intensely sought by Interpol and law enforcement agencies of Great Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. 


For your own safety, he chose the tactics of behavior, which allows it to be presented dissident and criminal cases - political. In particular, it presents itself as the main opposition against the current government of Kazakhstan. It is in this country has been the bank is located, all of the assets of which he brought in through offshore affiliates that were also in Russia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. And most people believe in the morality of Ablyazova. However, it withdrew completely all the assets, including deposits from the public, which turned into his personal savings, loans obtained to guide him by the bank from other financial institutions. Suffered most UK banks. As you know, the first time Abliyazov hiding in that country. Great Britain was the first country where a criminal can successfully deceive not only citizens, but also politicians. Information attacks are deployed on British soil oligarch helped him to obtain the status of political refugee. Around the same time, Kazakhstan's BTA Bank, which had a lot of financial claims against Ablyazov, appealed to the court of Great Britain. And oligarch fled, accusing British Themis of corruption and political bias. But it continues to quietly stay in the West in expensive apartments with a large retinue of lawyers and assistants. This is despite his protestations that all of its assets and the company he unveiled in a British court and handed them over to the external management. Its suite of services continues to pay Abliyazov with hidden accounts and companies. Most of their expenses it covers cash to make it easier to pay for services of officials of the patron in the European countries. Otherwise, how could he when his publicity could avoid European passport and customs control, fly charters. 


Today, many have already written off Ablyazov as a political player. People are patronizing him began to doubt the feasibility of working with him. All his political reputation trumps and Abliyazov lost. Therefore, forced into hiding. And in order to raise their stock player in Europe, he decided on the scandal with the alleged abduction of his wife and daughter. 


But it was not a kidnapping. Italian police evicted legally his wife and daughter home for violating immigration laws. And the head of the family has become a dissident politician, businessman forcibly separated from his family. The image of the martyr played in some of the Italian media. Obviously, the "kidnapping" of the family tycoon was nothing more than a PR action. It seems that in Europe we fugitive oligarch some of what remained of the case and he was just stalling for time, with their global plans. Ablyazov is preparing for a new and reliable base. Interpol recorded attempts Clan Ablyazova naturalized in the Central African Republic with a passport of that country. There is significant of his personal interest in African oil, diamond and hospitality industry. But African perspective Clan fugitive oligarch many international experts evaluated very skeptical. In Europe, the increasing awareness of the need to consolidate the work of law enforcement agencies of EU member states and their effective interaction with other countries. This gives reason to believe that the case Ablyazova sort out not only in the UK and the Apennines, but in the distant Central African Republic