By Tom Taylor

Today, a real information war has been waged around the events in the Kazakhstan city of Zhanaozen. The strike of oilers that turned into clashes with the police and resulted in casualties is attracting the attention of the world, because instability in this region may be unpredictable. As a consequence – real "armed clashes" in pages of electronic media, where facts and fiction intersect with versions: one is more fantastic than the other. Without claiming to be the final truth, we still try below to clear up this heap of scattered facts in order to answer the main question: who is behind the turmoil, staged in this oil city?

Now, some media are picturing Paul Murphy, a European MP from the Socialist Party of Ireland, as the main candidate for the role of the chief villain. Indeed, because of his extremely young age and vehemence of nature, he "dropped much salt" on the Kazakh authorities. Of course, his contribution to what happened in Zhanaozen is essential; and, in general, he himself does not deny it. During the summer confrontation of oilers with the Company "Ozenmunaigaz", this parliamentarian rendered his full support for the strikers, who put forward the demands to nationalize the oil fields and introduce the workers' control. He promised international assistance in holding solidarity actions and got so imbued with revolutionary ideas that admitted a series of non-diplomatic statements addressed to the Kazakh leadership.

"The recent developments in Tunisia and Egypt have given brilliant examples that helped all the oppressed masses to increase their awareness of the fact that people can resist even a tough dictatorship," Paul Murphy said in particular; and it was his only attack on the official Astana...

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) has strongly condemned his statements, regarding Paul Murphy's actions as a gross violation of norms and principles of the international law. The mere fact that during his visit to the Mangystau Province he called citizens to take part in mass actions speaks for itself.

The Kazakhstan's MFA has noted: "There was an attempt, inadmissible by the legislation of the RK, to interfere in the execution of justice, an attempt to put pressure on the court and the process of judicial decisions. Certain statements of the European MP contain inciting of social enmity, which is also punishable by the criminal law."

Thus, the fact that Paul Murphy rocked up the situation causes no doubt. However, another example is the most convincing evidence of the association of the militant Irishman with the events in Zhanaozen.

Let us remind you that the protest actions that led to riots and killings took place in Zhanaozen on the Kazakhstan's Independence Day – December 16. Local authorities were quite unaware that this day would be overshadowed by other events, far from being festive. However, in some incredible way, Paul Murphy was aware. On the eve of the events, that is, on December 15, he said: "Tomorrow, Kazakhstan will see a huge demonstration, which will be supported by international forces…"

Does it mean that the European parliamentarian had to do with organisation of the riots? It is quite likely. The confirmation is in the very biography of this person, who dedicated virtually all his life to staging protests and strikes, and actually got into the big politics on the wave of mass anger.

Paul Murphy is young – he was born in 1983. In 2001 he entered the University College of Dublin, and in 2002-2003 already took part in rallies and protests. In 2003-2004, he organized a protest against double taxation in South Dublin. In 2005, he was among activists of a huge strike of Turkish workers employed in Ireland. In 2008, he headed protests against cuts in health care funds, increase of education fees and other actions, triggered by the global financial crisis. This "comrade" took part in strikes in Portugal and Spain, revolution in Tunisia, and a failed attempt to break through the Gaza blockade...

In fact, thanks to the crisis, he managed to show himself; he was nominated to the vanguard of the Socialist Party and in March 2011 became a European MP, joining the ranks of "left-wingers". That is, Paul Murphy is surely a professional "barricade" soldier and an experienced organizer of strikes – he is very popular in this capacity.

Another question: who had switched him over to Kazakhstan? After all, under the apparent debt crisis, there is pretty plenty of such work in the old Europe!

And here the most interesting story begins... Firstly, it is worth to know that Paul Murphy's visit to Kazakhstan was organized with the assistance of the public movement "Talmas".

Ainur Kurmanov, the chairman of the movement, is also the leader of the "Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan" – an unregistered Marxist (of Trotsky orientation) organization. To date, this gentleman lives in Moscow, as in his homeland he has problems with the law. However, this is not the main point. The main point is that Kurmanov is one of the activists of the runaway oligarch Ablyazov. When in Kazakhstan, Kurmanov led an active social life. For over 15 times he was arrested for organizing and holding unsanctioned protest actions. He incited residents of "Shanyrak" to active resistance to the authorities and covered the events as journalist. Later, he stood up for defrauded housing shareholders in the Association "Let's leave housing to people!" and left his traces in Zhanaozen. In general, he mingled up in virtually all social conflicts, where he earned his political benefits.

In his past a turner-miller, and now a dissident, Kurmanov and other "comrades" of the like have "powdered the brain" of their young foreign friend, who looks like remaining stuck – to this day – to the belief that he is acting in the interests of the people of Kazakhstan. This particular version looks most probable. One gets an impression that the runaway oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov made use of the young and inexperienced European politician, who has not get rid of the ideals of universal justice and faith in utopian ideas. They just stupidly set up him. After all, if we assume that Paul Murphy had known what the outcome of Zhanoazen protests would be, he would have thought a hundred times before declaring his awareness of the upcoming events. Rather, he really was among the organizers, but in ideological terms, as the guarantor of international support and creator of the "proper" public opinion in the West. Perhaps, he did not know that on the eve of the riots specially trained people in Zhanaozen were given firearms, and the youth was fuelled up with alcohol. I want to believe that there is no blood on his hands...