Center for Energy Security to Be Recognized this Year

Lithuania supports the principle of discreet defense of NATO and speeds up partners to grant accreditation to the Alliance Center of Energy Security in Vilnius. The Heads of NATO promise that the Center shall be recognized already this year, LTV reports.

Last year in Lithuania and East Europe first time the trainings of rapid reaction forces of NATO were held – the example of vision of discreet defense of the Alliance.

They also discussed the issues of improvement of discreet defense project during the first annual training conference of NATO in Lithuania.

“The only option for efficient actions in future is to work together more. This is what we strive for. When I talk about ability, this depends not only on purchasing equipment, but it covers everything – from doctrine concepts up to trainings”, - said General of the Alliance Stephan Abrial.
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“Lithuania could join discreet defense. We started participating in international missions in 1994 and about 6000 have gained such experience since then”, states the Head of Lithuanian Armed Forces Arvydas Pocius. Lithuania counts on a more powerful part alsowith granting accreditation of the Center for Energy Security by NATO which shall deal with the issue of energy security promotion. NATO leaders say that they believe that the Center established a year ago shall start operating yet this year.

They plan to sign documents on the Center foundation in April. After approval of action plan they want to represent the project to the USA during the meeting of the Alliance Heads in Chicago.

“I think that this is a great example of when the initiative of one state corresponds the goal of NATO. It can be beneficial not only for armed forces but also society. Energy is a significant subject matter of future.  We work hard and already on the way to finalize the establishment of a global concept”, - states S. Abrial.
In May to come during the meeting NATO leaders shall discuss also the issue of NATO air police mission in Baltic states. They promise to prolong the Mission till 2014. However Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia intend to extend the term of the Mission for indefinite period as the states are not yet able to secure their air space to a due extent.
Translated by EuroDialogueXXI from delfi.lt