Political Analyst: Eurasian Project Threats Sovereignty and Integrity of Ukraine

By Konstantin Ameliushkin

Ukraine is the country divided in two, here coexist sympathy to West and East, states Ukrainian political analyst Kost’ Bondarenko. According to him, Ukrainian politicians up till now have observed only two variants of the course of events  - to give Ukraine for rent to Russia or Europe.


At the moment, as the political analyst considers, the case of Yulia Timoshenko is the stumbling rock dividing Ukraine and Europe.


Talking about Russian projects within post-Soviet space, the government of Ukraine realizes that Eurasian project threats greatly to the sovereignty, and probably, integrity of Ukraine, underlined the Head of the Board of the Institute of Ukrainian Policy K.Bondarenko.


- Observing the development of the situation in your country, an impression arises that Ukraine has always faced the choice of the vector. On the one hand, there is the EU, on the other – projects with the participation of Russia (the Customs Union, the Eurasian Union, etc.)… 


- Ukraine is the state with a multi-vector policy, and in the essence, it is the country with double essence, double views, which have been historically formed. One part of Ukraine is more oriented at East, Russia, post-Soviet area. It’s another part is oriented at West, European values and the European Union. Lately these two parts have become equal in quantity, i.e. Ukraine is in practice split. The country has its East, its West, there is difference in cultural tradition, but when somebody says that it shall split as a state, I don’t believe this.


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As for the choice, Ukrainian politicians still haven’t realized that they can represent and defend own subjectivity. There are many politicians who observe two variants: to give Ukraine for rent to Russia or to Europe. Most Ukrainian politicians don’t have strategic view of development of the country, that is why they talk about the need to join the Customs Union, and then Moscow shall decide everything for us. Others say, that we need to join the EU, and then Brussels shall set order. If Ukrainian politicians overcome this complex of being the second grade, I think that Ukraine shall benefit.


- To you mind, how is implemented the potential of Baltic-Black Sea region. In particular, talking about the potential of relations between Lithuania and Ukraine?


- This potential is used quite slightly, first of all, due to political stereotypes and due to “People try not to deal with Alexander Lukashenko”. Meanwhile it’s impossible to withdraw Belarus from these schemes. A. Lukashenko is a politician, with whom it’s important to work, he can’t be ignored. Ignoring Belarus, we crossing out Baltic – Black Sea cooperation. At the same time there is also a suggestion from Belarus. A few years ago A.Lukashenko suggested his services to finalize the oil pipeline Odessa-Brody. Due to a whole number of difficulties with Poland the project was frozen, but it was finished in Ukraine. A. Lukashenko then suggested to pipe it through Belarus to Lithuania. This is absolutely sensible idea, but Lithuania and Ukraine hurried to freeze this project.


- In Lithuania they talk a lot about energy security and independence. What can suggest Ukraine in this sphere?


-  I have already named one project. The second project is possible signing of the treaty on electric power supplies to Lithuania, as we have surplus of it. We sell it to Belarus with the right to re-export it. Why can’t we sign a multi-lateral treaty regarding some complex vision of common elements of energy security with strategic objectives, vision, for example till 2025.


- How do you estimate the level of participation of Ukraine in the EU initiative Eastern Partnership?


- Unfortunately, now all relations with West, including also on the line of Eastern partnership, face critic regarding the case of Yulia Timoshenko, where West observes political ground. I.e. one outstanding person influences interstate processes. I don’t really understand that persistence of West picking at the case of Y.Timoshenko, and Ukraine doesn’t give concessions. But she exactly is the stumbling stone dividing Ukraine and Europe in the sphere of Eastern Partnership.


- How topical is European Project of Russia for Ukraine?


- At the moment, it is not topical, it is not supported at the level of Ukrainian government. Of course we experience serious, uncovered pressure from Russia, we can even say screwing arms. But Ukrainian government understands, that Eurasian project threats greatly sovereignty, and maybe also integrity of Ukraine.


Translated by EuroDialogueXXI from ru.Delfi.lt