“Gazprom” Is Ready to Stop the Supplies of Gas to Poland, Ukraine is the next one

Russia on the case of Poland intends to show Ukraine, that it doesn’t plan to reduce the gas price. According to the source in Russian monopoly, if the court cancels the treaty not beneficial for Poland, “Gazprom” shall simply stop supplies of gas to this country. Moreover, the company warns, after such events this Poland shall hardly be able to sign a more advantageous agreement.

Russian Gazprom refuses of further reduction of gas prices for European consumers, and in case of defeat in court it promises to shorten their supplies. The first one in the line can be Poland: the source in Russia company confirms that the harsh line towards this country is directly connected with Ukraine.

On Friday, July 20th Polish PGNiG declared that it doesn’t see the option to regulate the conflict with Gazprom on review of the contract and gas price reduction without court procedures. “Arbitrary process didn’t exclude talks with Gazprom, but at the moment the lines of the both parties give no grounds for unanimous agreement”, - noted the General Director of the company Grazhina Petrovska-Oliyeva.

The press-service of “Gazprom” refused to comment, but the source in the company clarified, that “Gazprom” shall not reduce prices for  PGNiG, for not to create a case that “Ukraine could use”.

“All companies, which earlier we gave discounts, this or that way cooperate with us. Polish PGNiG, as well as “Naftogaz”, stands separately, and that is why it is absolutely illogical to give them discounts”, - stated the source for the newspaper “Kommersant – Ukraine”.

- Putin hinted, that Ukraine gets gas discount only after making the GTS available for Russia

The source confirms that Gazprom now “defends its interests more severely”, as it became less dependent from transit from the territory of Poland after commissioning of Nord Stream gas pipeline (“North Stream”).

“If the court cancels our agreement with Poland, we shall stop executing it and supplying of fuel to the country. And let afterwards Poland to convince us for more profitable agreement”, - stated the edition’s interlocutor in Russian monopoly.

Officially Ukrainian Energy Ministry doesn’t comment on Gazprom’s declarations. But a high-ranking source in the establishment acknowledges, that the Ministry is not interested for the situations of 2006 and 2009 to repeat (then Gazprom demonstratively turned off the gas valve for Ukraine because Naftogaz didn’t manage to agree on the price of supplies).

“Europeans in the current conflict shall hardly openly take our side”, - considers the source in Ukrainian Energy Ministry.

The European Union in its turn has already expressed its view: the European Commission Chairman Jose Manuel Barosso warned Ukraine and Russia about possible gas crisis. “It’s important for the current talks of Ukraine and Russia on gas price reduction not to threat gas supplies to Europe”, -- said Barosso.

At the same time even in case of suspension of supplies, the same as by previous conflicts, “Naftogaz” shall be able to take the urgent volume of fuel for the country, considers the Director of the Institute of Energy Study Dmitry Marunich. “In this case gas was simply paid behindhand, and Ukraine has carried no penalty sanctions yet towards Europe and Gazprom. But Russian monopoly had losses, pretty significant ones. It had to pay damages for undersupply of fuel”, - says Mr. Marunich.

Let’s remind that in 2009 Gazprom reduced supplies to Europe by a quarter, which caused interruptions with gas in Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Poland and other states of Eastern Europe. Then European companies issued claims towards Gazprom for the total amount of more than $1,1 billion and Russian company had to satisfy most of them.

Technically agreements are concluded between the Buyers and Gazprom, that is why reimbursement of losses from undersupplies is legally ascribed to Russian monopoly, notices the lawyer Roman Marchenko. According to the member of Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel Energy Complex Aleksander Gudyma, if the court considers as invalid the current agreement with Gazprom, former contracts can be recognized as acting, under which Naftogaz bought fuel in 2006-2008. “Formally previous agreement wasn’t cancelled, it is not valid till there is a new agreement, concluded in 2009. Cancellation of the new treaty gives the opportunity to get gas under the old one”, - says Gudyma.

Let’s remind that PGNiG sued Gazprom in Stockholm arbitrary court, demanding reduction of gas prices in the end of 2011. This happened after Gazprom refused to revise the formula of price for Polish company, although it granted 15% discount for 2011 for Estonia and Latvia, and also agreed to change the methods of price calculation for such consumers as E.On Ruhrgas, GDF Suez and Eni. PGNiG demanded 10% discount and change of price formula.

Court actions towards Gazprom also were issued by Greek DEPA, Italian Edison and German RWE and E.On, which eventually achieved price reduction. “Gazprom” concluded an amicable agreement with these companies, but the arbitrage also managed to issue a number of intermediate decisions, not in the benefit of Russian monopoly
Translated by EuroDialogueXXI from zn.ua