Georgia Looking For Future And Militants In Europe

By Daria Sivashenkova

Indeed, conjurer Saakashvili's left hand does not know what his right hand is doing. While Mishiko is spreading himself and shouting from all the rostrums that Georgia stands for peace in the whole world and he himself is a white dove carrying an olive branch, the president's deeds speak for themselves. Saakashvili is a poor peacemaker. It's not without reason that Moscow, Sukhum and Tskhinval took the breast-beating and vowing and protesting that there will be no more firing in an equally skeptic way. How can one trust a person who is promising peace and getting ready for a war behind the scenes?

Georgian president is taking every effort to assume an image depicted in Pablo Picasso's genial painting called Dove of Peace. No wonder: Saakashvili rather resembles a self-contented fat hamster than a winged ambassador of peace. Besides, the deeds of the Georgian leader go very much against his words about Sakartvelo government's peaceful sentiments.

As soon as the rostrum from which Mishiko declared his peacefulness was deserted, the media started reporting that in reality, the Georgian president is actively getting ready for a war, not for an open one, where Sakartvelo performed as a perfect coward, but to a mean war made on the quiet.

It turned out that Tbilisi is looking for the natives of the North Caucasus in Europe so as to recruit them and task them with arranging provocative acts against Russian military in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

You cannot hide an awl in a sack. The treacherous point will stick out at the most unsuitable moment and prick painfully. It was deputy of the Georgian parliament Levan Pirveli who became the point of the carelessly hidden awl for Saakashvili.

"I possess information on the North-Caucasians being recruited in Europe. I am fully aware of the responsibility for disclosing such information and I am ready to share it with the Georgian politicians, - Pirveli admitted. - Our country may face a most difficult problem".

You bet. It is already facing it, in fact. That's a serious political failure: one can only imagine the rage of the beloved Europe that has publicly believed the peaceful pulling of its leg and has applauded to Saakashvili's promises never to use force again in order to bring Abkhazia and South Ossetia to the Georgian lap.

It does not matter if Europe only faked believing Saakashvili in a diplomatic way. The Georgian president not only behaved like a rascal but made a fool of the whole Europe that any talkative adventurer can walk over.

As for Moscow, Tskhinval and Sukhum, they can be proud of their diplomatic insight. However, it's enough to deal with the Georgian president only once to stop believing his fine speeches forever.

One cannot help underlining that Europe seems to be the only fish in the sea for Georgia. It is absolutely unclear why militants for provocations should be sought for in Europe. Why dirtying the house you are going to settle in? If one needs militants one may all the same turn to the East. Why making an image of an utter scoundrel in Europe?

Pirveli's words confirm the repeatedly voiced suspicions of the leader of the Republic of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. With all assuredness, Kadyrov stated that the militants acting in the North Caucasus are sponsored by Georgia.

"They used to be financially supported and receive weapon from the Georgian territory. The whole groups of bandits were transferred to Chechnya from Georgia. According to current data, one can say that Georgia remains the only place where they are trained and helped", - Ramzan Kadyrov tried to convince the world.

"The same bandits stated that while staying in Georgia, they were contacted by people who introduced themselves as the officers from certain services and even provided some help", - Kadyrov added. He told that "militants carrying Georgian passports on them were many times killed in the course of special operations in Chechnya".

"We are seriously concerned about these circumstances. We are worried about the fact that people threatening the security of the common citizens continue penetrating our state from the neighboring territory. It is not within my province to say whether this is the result of Tbilisi's official policy but a fact is the most obstinate thing", - Kadyrov almost pointed.

Naturally, Georgian authorities denied Kadyrov's accusations. It's not us, and it's not our militants. But now the accusations are heard from the very heart of Europe, from Austria, where Levan Pirveli lives, and they cannot be denied that easily. Pirveli said that he has told just one tenth of what he knows.

And what if he continues speaking and reveals the places of secret meetings and passwords? For Georgia, it will be a total failure of all its European aspirations. Everyone knows what animal will always find mud but why would the West need a person who is using it for his dark affairs instead of learning something good from it?

Georgian authorities took the disrupting news with deathly silence. Or, perhaps, they have really got nothing to say to that.
Georgia Times