Grybauskaite: Poland Chose Russia as a Friend and Gave Lithuania a Role of a Scapegoat

Being in Chicago the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite after the meeting with the US Lithuanians harshly criticized the policy of Poland, saying that Warsaw chose Russia as a friend, and Lithuania once again turned into a scapegoat.

“We faced a very complicated situation within a public space. I don’t know, but due to some reasons some Polish politicians decided that in the near future it would be better for Russia to be a friend, and the rest smaller not that significant countries temporary to become scapegoats. I guess that we have been given the kind of role”, - stated the Head of Lithuania on Friday in Lemont.

Visiting Chicago for the meeting of the NATO states’ Heads Dalia Grybauskaite refuted the rebukes of Warsaw on the issue of the status of Poles in Lithuania, having said that Lithuania has the best conditions for education in Polish language outside Poland. According to her, tension worsens the status of Lithuanians living in Poland.

‘I only want to say that there are about 160 Polish schools in the world, more than 100 of which are located in Lithuania. In Europe one can make the total educational course in Polish language from a kindergarten to university only in Lithuania. We have textbooks for all the grades from 1st till 12th”, said the President.

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“On February 16th during the visit of Polish President I showed him the number of textbooks which we published for the Poles of Lithuania in Polish Language and the textbook in Lithuanian language available in Senai. The difference was dozens of times. But this is not an argument. Political situation is about we are too small to be heard, but there is an interest for the material and information to be covered neutrally. In reality this tensions starts worsening the situation in Senai”, - said D. Grybauskaite.

“This tension is enough and it won’t yet disappear as Polish authorities hope that within the elections (into Lithuanian Parliament) there shall occur political forces, which shall treat the minorities more favorably, and to be more precise – no one knows who”, - said the President.
Translated by EuroDialogueXXI fron delfi.lt