IAEA establishes special working group on Iranian nuclear issue

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced the establishment of an ’Iran Task Force’ which will implement the agreements reached in negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue, the Associated Press reported.

An internal U.N. nuclear agency document obtained by Associated Press has announced the establishment of an ’Iran Task Force’ to add muscle to its probe of suspicions that Tehran might be attempting to make nuclear arms.

Dated Wednesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency statement says the unit will work on implementing IAEA agreements with Iran allowing it to monitor its nuclear activities as mandated by the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

It also says it will also focus on ’relevant’ IAEA and U.N Security Council resolutions on Iran.

On Friday, Vienna hosted the next round of talks between Tehran and the IAEA. At this meeting the agency was represented by chief agency expert on the Iranian nuclear programme Herman Nackaerts and the IAEA Deputy Director General Rafael Grossi. The Iranian delegation was headed by its representative to the IAEA Ali Asghar Soltanieh.

Until now the UN Security Council has adopted four rounds of sanctions on Iran to curb Iran’s nuclear policy and the country’s sensitive nuclear activities, but Iran has announced it will keep its nuclear activities. The West suspects Iran is going to make nuclear weapons, but Iran rejects this calling its activities ’peaceful’.