Kazakh President to visit Czech Republic

Czech politicians, scientists and economists refer to Kazakhstan as a country of great opportunities, where they can reach the most ambitious goals.


Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev paids official visit to Prague. Today, the Czech Republic is a country with a highly developed economy, where exports outrun such countries as Italy and France. Economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic is based on the Agreement on encouragement and reciprocal protection of investments. It was signed in October 1996. 13 years later, Prague included Kazakhstan in the list of the 12 most promising trade partners. Foreign investors find Kazakhstan attractive thanks to its favorable investment climate alongside political and economic stability, according to Michael Bakaysa, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Czech Export Bank.


Michael Bakaysa, Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors, Czech Export Bank: «We are ready to provide long-term loans of up to 15 years and willing to support investment projects such as power plants and all large-scale projects, which require large amounts of resources both internal and bank loans.»


There are many interesting projects that Czech bankers are willing to implement in Kazakhstan, Michael Bakaysa said. He plans to take part in a business forum to be held during the Kazakh president’s forthcoming visit to Prague. The banker plans to present his projects there.


Michael Bakaysa, Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors, Czech Export Bank: «This visit will have a very positive effect on both political and economic relations. When the president visits the country it’s always beneficial for businesses.»


Today, the Czech Republic’s direct investment in Kazakhstan stands at about 206 million US dollars. Kazakhstan exports oil and gas products, chemicals and metals. Imports from the Czech Republic consist of a variety of equipment, component parts, treatment facilities, electrical appliances, pharmaceutical products, furniture, glass, and ceramics. The upcoming visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the Czech Republic will be the first during the years of diplomatic relations. The Declaration on Development of Cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic was signed in September 2004 during the official visit of Czech President Vaclav Klaus to Kazakhstan. Today both countries have common approaches to matters of reinforcing peace and security at the global and regional levels as well as close cooperation between the European Union and the countries of Central Asia in economic and human terms. Frantisek Janouch, a noted nuclear physicist and social activist in the Czech Republic, believes that Kazakhstan has made an invaluable contribution to the cause of nuclear non-proliferation.


Frantisek Janouch, Chairman, Charter 77 Foundation: «The fact that the President of Kazakhstan initiates meetings aimed at banning the use of nuclear weapons is very important. It is the only country that does this. This is an extremely difficult task. I wish the President of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan that they succeed; it would be in the interests of the entire globe.»


Today, the Czech Republic ranks 38th among world economies in competitiveness and is a member of more than 60 international economic and financial organisations. The Czech Republic’s experience in economic development proves that any task can be fulfilled and any target achieved. It only takes to have a will to win and a clear vision of the prospects. The friendly countries have similar objectives in this respect.