Kazakhstan is on the way of impressive development: Guido Westerwelle

Germany and Kazakhstan are closely connected by multifaceted cooperation in many spheres. 200 000 people of German parentage, residing in Kazakhstan, bridge the two nations as well.

The European Union, chaired by Germany in 2007, adopted the EU Strategy on Central Asia. On the threshold of the first official visit to Kazakhstan, Guido Westerwelle, German Federal Foreign Minister, shared his vision of the German-Kazakh relations with Kazinform News Agency. The German diplomat was appointed EU Special Representative for Central Asia in July 2012.

"Today we evaluate 20 years of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Germany," says Mr. Westerwelle.

"Both nations are interested in political and economic development of the Central Asian region. For this reason, the EU more than doubled support amount for the CA in 2007-2013 and allotted some 700 million Euro. Last year's sales turnover between Germany and Kazakhstan made 6.2 billion Euro. Thus, Kazakhstan has cemented the status of Germany's largest trade partner in the region. Moreover, Kazakhstan is the fourth top oil supplier of Germany," notes the German diplomat.

Guido Westerwelle adds, "Since February 2012 both countries are bound by the Agreement of Cooperation in raw, industrial and technological spheres. The interstate collaboration embraces further development of market economy in Kazakhstan".

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"Education plays a decisive role in the success of every country. That is why I commend the fact that educational budget has been doubled within the framework of the EU Strategy for Central Asia.

Kazakhstan and Germany are also closely connected thanks to Kazakhstani-German University in Almaty," German Federal Foreign Minister emphasizes.

"Over the last two decades the German-Kazakh relations have dramatically intensified. With the adoption of the EU Strategy for Central Asia ties between Kazakhstan and the EU have grown stronger. Being the OSCE member states, Germany and Kazakhstan reiterated their commitment to such values as democracy, rule of law and protection of human rights. It is of paramount importance to work on the implementation of these core values in future. Kazakhstan has travelled a long amazing way since gaining independence. Germany will remain Kazakhstan's reliable partner on this journey," Guido Westerwelle concludes.