Komorovsky afraid Ukraine go east

President of Poland Bronislav Komorovsky considers it necessary to conduct pragmatic policy towards Ukrainian authorities to bring Ukraine nearer to the EU integration, not to push away to Russian integration.

The Head of Poland expressed such an opinion in the Tomasz Lis na zywo program, commenting on the relations between Ukraine and the European Union.

He noted that the Polish authorities are interested in the integration of its greatest eastern neighbor - Ukraine with the Western world, naming the case of ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko the principle obstacle on this way.

"Let's not stop Ukraine on its way to the Western world, otherwise it will go east," Komorovsky said, as quoted by his official website.

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At the same time, the Polish President stressed that only Ukrainians can define the direction they want to integrate to and have to find themselves a solution to the case of the ex-prime minister, whose release European politicians are seeking for the tenth month already.

"Today it is necessary to combine certain pragmatism in the influence on the Ukrainian authorities with a simultaneous attempt to ensure that Ukraine has a new chance to accelerate the process of European integration with the Western world after the elections," Komorovsky said.

He expressed the view that European politicians should combine encouragement and pressure on the Ukrainian authorities, urging for amendments to the national legislation currently enabling conviction for political solutions.

Komorovsky also said he considers his calls not to boycott Euro 2012 in Ukraine to be right.