Lithuania and France as Strategic Partners

President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia GrybauskaitÄ— and President of the Republic of France Nicolas Sarkozy signed a strategic partnership agreement which is the first document of this kind in the history of the two countries.

The political declaration states that the governments of the two countries will draw up a concrete action plan.

"Lithuania must use all opportunities that it has to deepen its relations with the leading countries of the European Union, and France is one of them. I hope this Declaration will not remain on paper but will yield very concrete results," the President of Lithuania said.

Both countries will develop the EU dialogue with Southern and Eastern neighbours, with particular focus on the Eastern Partnership Initiative and further development of the EU' Mediterranean Programme.

France agrees that Lithuanian energy must be integrated into the EU energy market as soon as possible.

In consideration of the importance of energy and the intentions of both countries to implement new nuclear energy projects, Lithuania and France will enhance cooperation in the area of nuclear energy.

In defence and military matters, both countries will make joint effort to strengthen the European Security and Defence Policy, as well as hold consultations on NATO reform with a view to a stronger EU and NATO.

Lithuania and France will pursue the goal of developing military forces in Europe and strengthening the European defence technological and industrial base.
Press Service of the President of the Republic of Lithuania