Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Latvian And Romanian Foreign Ministers Believe That Georgian Elections Mark Progress Towards Democracy

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius A┼żubalis and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Romania sent letters to President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and to Bidzina Ivanishvili, the leader of the Georgian Dream coalition that won the parliamentary elections, expressing belief that Georgia took an important step in consolidating democracy.


The Ministers wrote that they were paying great attention to the Georgian parliamentary elections on 1 October. The five EU Foreign Ministers believe that now it is important for the parties to acknowledge  the will of the voters, recognize the results and ensure that the transfer of power is carried out in a constructive manner and in line with the democratic and Constitutional norms.


The Ministers also expressed hope that Georgia would continue along the path to European and Euro-Atlantic integration and ensured that all the five countries were ready to continue support Georgia on the path.



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On 17 September, Foreign Ministers of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania visited Georgia, where they met with the leadership of the country, representatives of opposition political parties and non-governmental organizations. During this visit, the Ministers stressed the importance of open and democratic parliamentary elections and voiced support for Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration aspirations.


The international community remains focused on the elections in Georgia. The parliamentary elections were monitored by the largest ever number of international observers. Various organisations were represented through almost 1,000 observers. Lithuania also attached great importance to these elections and sent 26 observers to Georgia.