NATO wants to include Central Asian countries in alliance deliberations on future development in Afghanistan - NATO Secretary General

CA-NEWS (CA) - NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the Alliance wants to include a number of Central Asian countries in NATO deliberations on the future development in Afghanistan, reported the Silk Road Newsline.

“We have invited Russia to participate in Chicago because we would like to include Russia, and by the way a number of Central Asian countries in our deliberations when it comes to the future development in Afghanistan. We do believe that it is in the interest of Russia and countries in the region to participate in that discussion,” Rasmussen told a news conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

He did not provide any details regarding Central Asian countries NATO wants to be included in the deliberations on Afghanistan.

Earlier on Thursday, Rasmussen chaired a meeting with foreign ministers from 28 NATO countries and 22 ISAF partner nations who were joined by the Afghan foreign and defense ministers, the European Union High Representative, the United Nations Special Representative and the Foreign Minister of Japan to discuss plans for a successful transition in Afghanistan. The purpose of the discussions was to help prepare for next month’s NATO summit in Chicago.
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In Chicago, Rasmussen said, NATO and partners will “set out how we will make sure the transition to Afghan security responsibility succeeds by the end of 2014 – and how we will support Afghanistan once transition is completed.”

“All this to stress that this is truly a world-wide effort,” he said. “At our summit in Chicago, one month from now, all these countries and organizations will come together at the highest level. Other countries who have an interest in Afghanistan’s stability will join us too. I expect the leaders of around 60 countries and international organizations to join us. This will be the biggest summit NATO has ever held.”
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