“Kazakhstan’s way” of development

By Marijus Radvilas

2011 is a landmark year for Kazakhstan. Twenty years ago, December 16, 1991 President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed RK Constitutional Law “On State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. READ MORE

Germany's top court throws out anti-euro bailout lawsuit


By Matt Zuvela, Nicole Goebel

Germany's constitutional court has ruled that the country's contribution to the eurozone bailout fund was legal, but said parliament must have greater say in similar decisions in the future. Markets were up on the news. READ MORE

How Turkey wants to reshape NATO

By Sinan Ülgen

Turkey joined NATO at the beginning of the Cold War for U.S. protection in case of Soviet attack. At that time Turkey was clearly on the frontline, but today all that lies in the past and Turkey is pursuing its own assertive and independent foreign and security policy. Ankara’s new-found confidence naturally has consequences vis-à-vis NATO, for this growing assertiveness is testing the alliance’s cohesion, as is illustrated by a number of lingering issues and high-profile disputes. READ MORE

Libya After Gadhafi: Transitioning from Rebellion to Rule


By Scott Stewart

With the end of the Gadhafi regime seemingly in sight, it is an opportune time to step back and revisit one of the themes we discussed at the beginning of the crisis: What comes after the Gadhafi regime? READ MORE

The balance of threats


By Alexander Gasyuk

The proposed placement of U.S. missile defense base in Europe has been a thorn in the reset of relations. From the Russia point of view, there has been a distinct lack of progress in achieving agreement on missile defense plans, between Russia on one hand and United States and NATO on the other. The last round of negotiations in Brussels raised questions about the prospects for achieving a mutually acceptable agreement on this pressing topic. READ MORE

US, EU debt crisis escalates in the face of political gridlock


By Spencer Kimball

Long after the bailouts of Wall Street and Greece, the US and EU face an escalating debt crisis. Political gridlock on both sides of the Atlantic prevents the implementation of controversial but necessary solutions. READ MORE

Rethinking NATO Partnerships for the 21st Century

Security threats today are globalised and non-traditional. It’s time for NATO’s partnerships to follow suit, says Ron Asmus. READ MORE

Sarkozy and Merkel meet to discuss Eurozone debt crisis


The markets are watching anxiously ahead of a meeting on Tuesday in Paris between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to discuss ways to try to resolve the eurozone debt crisis. READ MORE

Europe without Turkey


By Ian Buruma

Most European citizens (for example, more than 60% in France and Germany) believe that Turkey should not become part of the European Union. There are various reasons for this opposition – some valid, some based on prejudice: Turkey is too big; Turkish migrant workers might swamp other members; Turkey has a shaky human rights record; Turkey oppresses the Kurds; Turkey hasn’t solved its problems with Greece over Cyprus. READ MORE

Possible Prospects of Baltic NPP

By Thomas Yarvinen

The situation about the NPP in Lithuania becomes clearer, and the Russians promise to build their own in any case. READ MORE