Kazakhstan’s steady progress toward democracy

By Nursultan Nazarbayev

The unrest that has gripped North Africa and the Middle East has been driven by a potent mixture of economics and politics. Citizens have taken to the streets to protest falling living standards, a lack of political power and an absence of opportunities. READ MORE

Key Issues Facing Ukraine in 2011

By James George Jatras

Ukraine, Introduction. READ MORE

EU water blueprint to pave way for savings targets

A major review of Europe's water policies next year will pave the way for savings targets to be adopted by member states and industries, according to a senior EU official who was speaking on World Water Day. READ MORE

U.S. Ambassador on Georgia's NATO Path

Georgia will become a NATO member by convincing Allies that it is a significant “net contributor” to the common security in the North-Atlantic region, John Bass, the U.S. ambassador to Georgia, said on March 24. READ MORE

European Diplomat on Russia-Georgia Conflict

Moscow, whose policy towards Tbilisi is “not imaginative”, has lost great part of its influence over Georgia and is “at a loss how to re-establish” it, while Tbilisi’s policy towards Moscow lacks multi-dimensional approach and is “quite one-sided,” Hansjörg Haber, head of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM), said. READ MORE

Tripoli and the Russian Rift

By Ariel Cohen

U.S. President Barack Obama’s “reset” with Russia is looking flimsy in the wake of vitriolic rhetoric from Moscow. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has had harsh words about U.S. military action against Libya. He and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov have gone so far as to repeat Muammar Qaddafi's canards about exorbitant civilian casualties and Western “crusades.” READ MORE

Successful partnership within international organizations – joint interest of Lithuania and Croatia

President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė met with President of Croatia Ivo Josipović, who arrived in Vilnius on a working visit. READ MORE

NATO to take charge of Libyan operations 'within days'

By Michael Knigge

After haggling for days over NATO's role in the air campaign, the alliance has finally decided that it will run the no-fly zone over Libya. Britain said it hopes that NATO will soon take over the entire operation. READ MORE

Pressure building on Obama to clarify mission in Libya

By Karen Tumulty

Of all the decisions that a president must make, none calls for more clarity than the one to go to war. Thus far, President Obama’s move to join other nations in intervening militarily in Libya appears to have generated confusion instead — both as to the scope of the mission and to its ultimate end. READ MORE

Political Responsibility in Disarmament Sphere

By Arthur Dunn

Representative of Asia Headed the Conference on Disarmament for the First Time READ MORE