EU criticizes Turkey in annual report on membership hopefuls

By Author: Mark Hallam

The EU has called on Turkey to open up trade with Cyprus, to better promote gender equality and human rights, and to toe the line on foreign policy issues in a lukewarm appraisal of Ankara's path towards EU membership. READ MORE

Poland rejects idea of EU elite group

By Jan Cienski in Warsaw

Poland has rejected the idea of an informal G6 of the European Union’s largest members, suggested by Italy to address its worries about Franco-German dominance of the EU, in a sign of its unwillingness to jeopardise Warsaw’s close ties with Berlin. READ MORE

Russia-Nato Relationship Is One-Way Traffic

By Nadezhda Kevorkova

What does NATO offer Russia, and what does Russia get in reality? Would Russia be willing to help NATO stay afloat by participating in its projects? What is the price of improving relations with its Western partners? READ MORE

The Reset Blooms

By Nikolas K. Gvosdev

Over the past year, I was skeptical of the Obama administration’s vaunted “reset” of relations with Russia. In January of this year, I wrote, “The problem is simple: not only are many Russian and American interests today out of alignment, the political realities in both countries work against any effective partnership being developed.” READ MORE

Drifting Into Trouble In The Western Pacific

By Ted Galen Carpenter

Despite her best efforts to placate Beijing, Secretary of State Clinton has once again managed to ruffle China’s diplomatic feathers. The latest incident occurred at the annual East Asian Summit that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conducted this past weekend in Hanoi. READ MORE

CouDiplomatic Debate Raised up between Lithuania and Poland

By Arthur Dunn

Lately Lithuanian and Polish politicians has exchanged with mutual accusations. Vilnius calls groundless the admonitions of Warsaw concerned the status of Polish national minority and the terms of investments of the PKN Orlen Group. READ MORE

A Corporate Ostpolitik

By Ben Aris

From the Vltava to the Volga, Germany's relationship during the last century with Central and Eastern Europe was a tumultuous affair. But ties between Berlin and the countries to its east in the new millennium are proving to be a lot happier and mutually beneficial. READ MORE

Britain and France sign deal creating joint military force

France and Britain announced Tuesday a defence deal that would create a joint military taskforce, share aircraft carriers and bring their nuclear research closer. Economic necessity seems to have pushed the historic rivals to cooperation in a way that diplomacy could not. READ MORE

Turkey Considers Cooperation With Greece On Illegal Immigration To Europe

By Saban Kardas

Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, met his Greek counterpart, George Papandreou, on the margins of the Mediterranean Climate Change Initiative conference near Athens last week. The positive reporting of the Erdogan-Papandreou meeting marks the deepening rapprochement between the two countries, after their normalization slowed down in the second half of the 2000’s. READ MORE

EU Foreign Policy Roundup

Posted by William C. Fleeson

There's a lot of fresh news on the EU foreign policy front, so here's a roundup of salient headlines. READ MORE