By Alina Kantor

In recent years, Kazakhstan has rocked the whole cycle of high-profile corruption scandals. Often they are involved are those who today is known as an outspoken opponent of the current government. Most of the time to avoid court (because of the timely escape from the country), now consider themselves zealous fighters for democracy in Kazakhstan. Among them are sentenced to significant time for fraud, corruption, murder, the powerful former officials, businessmen and politicians of all stripes.


In connection with the detailed disclosure of financial schemes of mass riots (and it comes as labor disputes, and on the political requirements) now search for new channels smuggle money to Kazakhstan. Apparently, in the near future will be activated one of harvested a few years ago, the leaders of the opposition candidates. It is a former deputy of the Kazakh parliament Tokhtasynov Tholen.


Tokhtasynov known in Kazakhstan as one of the founders of the movement "Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan." DCC, founded in 2001, has become a kind of "forge" opposition cadres country. However, most of them one way or another were involved in high-profile corruption scandals. The fact that almost all the leaders of the then DCC or come from major public office, or representatives of big business. However, a number of them was the other and then, and more.


Long time to keep the face of an "honest businessman cares for democracy" in Tokhtasynov failed. In 2008, Kazakhstan opened a criminal case on the "brothers Baysakov" accused of murdering businessman. Then consequence voiced version of what the ex-deputy was responsible for covering up the crime. (Later, the case was closed.) After such a set of circumstances Tokhtasynov, without thinking twice, followed the beaten track of all Kazakh opposition - he escaped. But unlike his colleagues, he is not moved to Europe, and to Mongolia.


As he said in an interview six months after the flight, he went to Mongolia "for purely on personal business, improve my health ... But, at the same time, until recently, was known for his close contacts with the rest of the opposition in the country, including the recently convicted leader of the opposition movement "Alga" Vladimir Kozlov (he was accused of personal involvement in fomenting social discord in December 2011 in western Kazakhstan). No active career, he did not keep, which, however, does not exclude the possibility of his return to the political arena. It is possible that he would be in the very near future, the main player in the Kazakh opposition.


In recent years Tokhtasynov support (albeit undeclared) close links with one of the most famous Kazakh immigrants - former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Akezhan Kazhegeldin. Time was when he states the main financier of the Kazakh opposition. Today is known for his attempts to unite the opposition to the current regime of power. However, it should take into account accumulated in Europe the number of Kazakh officials large rank of the accused at home of corruption and fraud, and states its "opposition". Most of them are willing to allocate a portion derived from Kazakhstan funding for anti-presidential campaign to close the institution on their criminal cases. In these circumstances, mediation Kazhegeldin as initiator of the "one Kazakh opposition" can succeed. Tokhtasynov same may well be returning to Kazakhstan, to be an emissary of the updated opposition. Luckily, at the last year, he is not "light" in connection with the famous Kazakh scammers, so it can become the "new face of opposition" to the public consciousness.