Nazarbaev supports antinuclear attitude of Obama

Kazakhstan has declared antinuclear support for the U.S. It also became a model of nuclear disarmament for the whole world, KazTAG agency reported citing U.S. President Barack Obama.

"20 years ago Kazakhstan made a decision to give up nuclear weapons. This was followed by economic growth and prosperity of the country. Kazakhstan became a model of efforts in this direction around the world. I would like to thank you for this leading role in giving up nuclear weapons," Obama told President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul on March 26.

One of the important documents signed at this summit will cover efforts towards nuclear materials remaining from the Soviet time. Cooperation of the U.S., Russia and Kazakhstan helped ensure a good storage of these materials, according to President Obama.

"We will discuss Kazakhstan's work in relation to highly-enriched uranium and plutonium, and its support to creation of an international nuclear fuel bank, that will stripe other countries of the necessity to enrich nuclear materials independently. Kazakhstan plays a leading role in this area," the U.S. President added.

Obama thanked for the support rendered by Kazakhstan in transportation of cargos for coalition forces in Afghanistan, as well as for the help to Afghan government.

"It is necessary to note the importance of trade-economic relations between our countries. We will discuss enhancement of these relations. An additional subject for discussion will be the efforts taken by the president in democratization and human rights in Kazakhstan," Obama said.

The Nuclear Security Summit is held in Seoul on March 26-27. The participants are discussing physical and technical protection, security of nuclear energy facilities and radioactive materials.

The summit is attended by the presidents of 53 countries and 4 international organizations. According to press-service of Kazakh President, Nursultan Nazarbaev will hold several bilateral meetings and give a speech at the summit.
CA-NEWS : central asian news service