Political nonsense or Rough Shoraz

The name of Rahat changed from Aliyev on Shoraz, the book «The Godfather-in-law» appeared- as a former Kazakh politician trying to put a spoke in the wheel of an established mechanism for the most prosperous state in Central Asia region. Affected everyone, especially, the current leadership of Kazakhstan.
Under the mighty wings

Different techniques are used in the power struggle, but most of all - have already proven. So far, Nursultan Nazarbayev, due to his charismatic character and abilities of the leader, climbed the stairs to the authorities during the power of the Soviet Union, while he, the first president of the young sovereign Republic of Kazakhstan, was looking for opportunities and resources for economic recovery, the young Aliyev was delighted with the actions of his father-in-law.

So it lasted, until Rahat Aliyev felt the taste of power. It seemed to him sweet. One does not take into account the newly-born politician: the authority has another taste - taste of bitterness. Aliyev became aware of it completely, when have lost everything by exceeding the permitted limits.

But how well it started! Just as the spoilt child of fortune, life presented the tidbits of pie. And he accepted them until the political ambitions are flied into a rage in his soul.

Becoming the main tax officer of the country, then - a key figure in the National Security Committee (KNB), at the same time precocious media magnate, Aliyev expressed not the best traits: violence, greediness and permissiveness.

«The worst thing - that this man claimed that he discussed with me all of his actions and received my consent» - recalled Nazarbayev. Unfortunately, no one tried to check his words. The great evil was committed. For me, it was misfortune, stab in the back, especially because he was my son-in-law».
No brakes

Staying on top of his career, Mr. Aliyev has lost all brakes. Around those years few heads of one of the major domestic banks have disappeared. According to witnesses, Aliyev forced them to sign in his favor an abandonment of ownership of prestigious building in the heart of Almaty.

«I can do whatever I want in this country - told them newly-general». - I can put a stamp in your passport with a mark that you have crossed the border and flew to Kiev, and actually bury you here. And let the police and your relatives searching you for life – you would never be found.»

Two of the bankers can not be found until nowadays.
In free flight

Officials in Vienna had condescending attitude to exile from Kazakhstan Aliyev, the former Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Austria. The laws of this European country allowed him to win the case for extradition. Then - divorce, a new wife and a new name – Shoraz, borrowed from a young wife.

Now today's attacks of Aliyev or Shoraz are incomprehensible. Which of them are keen to run this year in the presidential elections in Kazakhstan? And another question begs: is it necessary? The current President of Kazakhstan is in perfect health. And already announced his candidacy. He, in contrast to Aliyev, is not engaged by «shaking up dirty laundry», and does not write such books as «Rejected Rahat». There are more important things as stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan.