Politician with Hotchpotch in His Head

By Fazil Ischakov

In political Kunstkamera of Kazakhstan has recently appeared a new character, ex-postman, oil trader and businessman, ex-leader of the party “Rukhaniyat”, green to his bones Serikzhan Mambetalin. Green not because he defended ecology from the tribune of the political union. He preferred green US dollars without hiding it from public that the post of the party leader was bought for investments. This is the way it is called now….

Political career of Mambetalin was brief. Flinging from one side to another, absence of a clear line and in practice total failure of work inside the party ended with a scandal, internal squabbles and removal from the position of the Chairman.

This man tries to conceal his fiasco under the image of a martyr, dissident, disgraced oppositionist.  But hardly would anyone believe this.

Mambetalin came into Kazakhstani policy with “hotchpotch” in his head which was vividly proved by the policy of “Rukhaniyat” under his leadership. The party combined the things that can’t be combined – ecology and national patriotism, love for the President and hatred for the regime. It was a wind vane in the wind rose, the line of which changed that fast that baffled even most experienced political analysts.

In the beginning of 2011 Mambetalin was in the list of politicians, openly supporting the President N.Nazarbayev. Before the elections of the Head of the state in Kazakhstan he said that he didn’t doubt the victory of the President in power Nazarbayev. The party even didn’t take a chance to fight for the post. And any electoral campaign is first of all an option to work with constituency, a good chance to declare about oneself and be heard.

Totally the line was changed in course of electoral campaign in Mazhilis of the Parliament. By the elections the Party had been strengthened by national-patriots. Only the modality of dialogue with the power changed. Especially it was demonstrative after the events in Zhanaozen. This was the period when Mambetalin – populist revealed himself most vividly. The politician tried to PR himself and to gain some political scores speculating with the tragedy in best traditions of enthusiastic opposition. He even started a discussion with OSDP (Nationwide Social Democratic Party) who was the first to make a statement on this issue. Just like “we were the first ones who said ough…”.

And if for many Kazakh people it was a shock, for the politician-businessman it was a chance. And he attempted to use it but didn’t find understanding even among the party companions. And this is not a surprise. First of all, “Rukhaniyat” has never been radical. Secondly, for the period of activity, Mr. Mambetalin hasn’t even tried to develop a clear party vertical between the center and regions.

As the founder of the Party Altynshash Dzhaganova stated, Mambetalin acted as a dictator: deviated from the course, planned objectives, usurped power in the party, ignored administrative bodies, independently on his own adopted decision on all the issues, disdained charter demands of the union.

Most party members evaluating the events in Zhanaozen projected the events on their families and themselves. What would be if such thing happens in their city, aul? How would people behave, if the trashers threatened health and lives of their families, their business? Can we think that in this case the actions of law enforcement were adequate? Or the police should have stood aside observing the escalation of violence.

Mambetalin didn’t worry about these questions. Why, if his family lives in London?

- Several times I’ve tried to contact this person, but he would be abroad  - in London, where his family lived, or somewhere else – says A. Dzhaganova. – There was no one in the headquarters  except for a secretary. Mambetalin is busy with self-promotion in between comings and goings abroad. And by this he doesn’t even know personally the Heads of the regions… I think it’s not a surprise that in these conditions he had no support and was pushed out of the Chair of the Leader.

Indicative is that the politician sitting in a shaky chair of the Chairman of “Rukhaniyat” tried blackmailing the authorities. Like, if they deprive me of the party during the session, I’ll arrange hearing in the European Parliament, US Congress on Zhanaozen. He threatened to report to the US Ambassador and complain in the OSCE. It was absolutely ridiculous threat, which actually imaged the politician as a haggler. Already after the assembly decided to push him off, he started demanding the return of money he purchased the position for… - ravings of a madman in action.

And after all this man still is keeping dwelling on the problems and demands of Kazakh people from London. He plays the role of public activist, opposer telling everybody about some fabricated case in Kazakhstan against him. He went to consult in the USA and Brussels. But who needs him if he is a total nothing as a political figure. Except for ambitions and fee there is nothing in it. Maybe only for Ablyasov who gathers around all political trash trying to compensate quality with quantity. They say he is his new master. It’s quite probable. Mambetalin even started talking as Ablyasov and from the same tribune, as Ablyasov. He doesn’t understand one thing  - people like he are only a small coin of West in struggle for Kazakhstani resources. And do London and Paris need them?