Premier: Lithuania not to join the Baltic NPP construction

Prime Minister and leader of the Lithuanian Social Democrats Algirdas Butkevicius claims that Lithuania will not create conditions for the implementation plans in the Kaliningrad region of nuclear plant project.


"I have never in any building the Kaliningrad nuclear power plant was not involved, I will not participate and are not going to (...) Do not worry, I do not give opportunities," - said Tuesday Butkevicius during a meeting with members of the opposition party of conservatives.


To question the Conservative leader and former Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius about not creators Lita Lithuania opportunities to "Kaliningrad station dominated the Baltic states," the prime minister said, "will not create."


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However, the prime minister, who still does not answer the question of whether to continue the initiated conservatives NPP project in Lithuania, could not allay concerns about the right of Russian influence in the Lithuanian energy sector.


"Obviously, the prime still escapes to answer strategic questions about whether these issues are related to energy, we asked, is it really the Lithuanian government is aware that there is a threat of power sector of Lithuania, when Lithuania visible effort to turn in an annex to the Kaliningrad (Baltic-BNS) plant, and here we have not heard a clear answer, "- Kubilius said after a meeting of the faction.


According to Kubilius, the current head of the government's statements that it is not under the influence of Russia, does not mean that such a threat does not exist.


"Threats to Russia can be implemented without some statements, Russia does not disclose its intention in any way to influence the processes of energy independence of Lithuania. So not enough alone premiere assurances that he will not give in to Russian influence, as such an effect can be achieved by various processes of various projects, and simply requires wisdom and responsibility to anticipate these threats, "- said Kubilius.


On the question of whether there is, in his opinion, the Cabinet this wisdom, Kubilius said: "We have not heard a clear answer from the Prime Minister."


Later, commenting on the meeting with the faction of Conservative Prime Minister brushed aside these concerns about the impact of potential threats to Russia.


"From an energy point of view, we will implement the third energy package from the end of 2014, and we will not deviate in any other way. Hopefully in due time will be laid cables in Sweden and Poland, and we will be able to integrate into the Western market power, I do not see any emotions. Indeed I will not take any decisions that would hurt Lithuania, looking for the long term, "- said Butkevicius.


He also advocates that Lithuania itself to produce electricity, but it should pay off. "I'm for it, so we can produce electricity in Lithuania, but the experts have formulated, to submit estimates of the production cost of electricity, transportation, and final sale price of electricity with the capital return," - said Butkevicius.


Conservatives perceive energy policy turn to the East in the light of the visits of the Russian state corporation "Rosatom" in Lithuania and their meetings with high-ranking officials.


Vice-Speaker of the Sejm, the representative of the ruling coalition ("Trudovik") Vidas Gyadvilas (Vydas Gedvilas) in mid-February, met with a representative of "Rosatom", officially about the meeting were reported.


Rusatom Overseas representatives participated in took place during the visit of the prime Lithuanian Ignalina meeting with controlled "Rosatom" German company Nukem, which will perform the work on the closure of the INPP.


The representatives of "Rosatom" stated that they were interested in Kruonis (Kruonis) hydroelectric power plant and able to provide her spare capacity for being built in the Kaliningrad region of Russia NPP, said then Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius.