Putin-Erdogan Alliance can Turn into Political Reality

By Stanislav Tarasov

As Turkish Mass Media reported, one of these days the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to visit Russia under the invitation of Vladimir Putin. As informed earlier, during the talks in Moscow between the Ministers of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and Russia Vladimir Putin contacted by phone Turkish Minister and asked to pass the greetings to his friend the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and also the invitation to visit Russia at his convenience. “Russian considers Turkey to be its best friend and we intend to develop these relations in any spheres”, this how most of Turkish Mass Media a quoted the comments of the Russian Government Head. It’s worth to add to this also the message that in course of the talks during the Summit on nuclear safety in Seoul the President of Russian Dmitry Medvedev invited Erdogan to visit Moscow to take part in the inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

It is expected that in Moscow Erdogan shall discuss the situation in Syria and in the region in general, as well as the prospects of Russian-Turkish relations. Thus the forecasts of many Russia and Turkish experts come true that after the election of Vladimir Putin for the top post in Russia, political effect of Putin-Erdogan alliance would work. As Turkish newspaper “Star” noted in this respect, “ the leaders of the two states don’t have the rudiments of the “Cold War” and are able to left behind other players”.

At the same time Russia and Turkey, having declared about the need of strategic partnership, actively extending bilateral trade-economic relations, and established around this the atmosphere of political confidence have fell over the “Syrian step”. It is known that Russia and China blocked in the UNO Security Council the resolution on Syria, which incited definite dissatisfaction in West as well as in Turkey. Moreover, Moscow and Beijing don’t consider as the high-priority task withdrawal from the power in Damask of the President Bashar Assad assuming that this shall even more aggravate the situation in Syria. Simultaneously Russia and China actively support the mission in Syria of the special ambassador of the UNO Kofi Annan, call international community, including Turkey, to support his plan in practice not only with words. This on the eve was discussed by phone by the Heads of foreign political bodies of Russia and Turkey – Sergey Lavrov and Ahmet Davutoglu. By the way, after this Davutoglu refuted the message about some “Syrian scenario” developed by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and General Headquarters and confirmed the intention of Turkey to assist favorable ending of Annan’s mission.


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By the way, this issue was discussed in course of the recent visit of Erdogan in China. But the parties didn’t comment on the details of achieved agreements within this direction. But the fact, that in Beijing a new treaty was signed on cooperation of Turkey and China in the sphere of nuclear energy, gains strategic significance. This is possible only upon the condition, if the parties are oriented at long-term cooperation, instead of the desire to use international conjuncture in their favor on a short-term basis. Thus objectively forms an important alliance – Ankara – Beijing – Moscow. On the other hand it seems that the attempts of Ankara to get through Teheran to Syrian crisis, failed. The Representative of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei to the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution Hodjat-ul-Islam Ali Saidi, underlining the role which Turkey strives to play within Syrian issue, stated that “Either Erdogan has a dream since the days of Osman Empire, or attempts to use the fact of reduction of Egypt and Saudi Arabia significance in the region in order to play the role of the Leader of Islamic World”. By this Ali Saiidi suspects that the “USA interests” stand behind Erdogan. But for Turkey it becomes evident that it’s almost impossible to enhance the position of a regional state only relying on the union with West. That is why obvious is formation of a new eastern vector in Turkish foreign policy.

Russia is interested for Turkey to be strong and stable, as, how Vladimir Putin stated in his report for the State Duma, common fundamental values are determined – preservation and enhancement of regional security system.

That is why we can agree with the experts, who consider that in Russian-Turkish relations not the issue of extension of trade-economic contacts gain priority, but geopolitical spectrums of cooperation. By this the potential of strategic doctrine of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Davudoglu – “no problems with neighbors”  is almost exhausted. Moreover, at “Syrian step” the limitation of the options for Turkey to promote the processes of transformation of other Arab regimes to democratization has revealed itself.

That is why oddly sound the conclusions of some Russian experts, that Turkey “strives to become a world power, the sphere of influence of which shall spread first of all along Near East, Central Asia and Caucasus”. The main task of the country is observed still in another scenario: not only to extinguish the fire of war by its borders, but also to try to neutralize the effect of the fact of Iraqi Kurds, who may any moment proclaim their state independence. In this respect for Turkey it becomes a strategic need to enlist the support of Moscow and Beijing, in order to attempt within the alliance to block launched processes of fragmentation of geopolitical area upon western scenario in Great Near East.

And one more thing. Before Moscow, Erdogan visits the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, where he shall meet the King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz , with whom Russia also leads active political consultations on Syria.

So in case of achievement of a mutually acceptable treaty on resolution of Syrian crisis in the format of Ankara-Moscow, Turkey may gain a historic role to perform mediatory mission with Damask. That is why the visit of Erdogan to Moscow and the results of his negotiations with Vladimir Putin can be sensational ones.
Translated by EuroDialogueXXI from regnum.ru