Reaction in Poland on the Comments of the President of Lithuania

Sikorski Is Surprised with the Statement of the President of Lithuania

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski criticized the comments of the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite on Poland. The statement of Grybauskaite that Poland improves relations with Russia and gives the role of a scapegoat to Lithuania and other small countries are called by the Minister “exotic theories”.

But first of all Sikorski is surprised that the statement of Grybauskaite was sounded right after Polish fighter jets started the mission of NATO Air Policing.

“I can’t imagine, how could the kind of statement be expressed right in the moment when Polish pilots guard the airspace over Baltic states”, - said Polish Foreign Affairs Minister.

Also Sikorski notes that it would be much easier to set the rules, resulting from European treaties on national minorities’ protection, than “create exotic theories”.

Let’s remind that critical comments addressed to Poland were sounded by Grybauskaite during her visit to the USA. “I don’t know, but due to some reasons some Polish politicians have decided that in the near future, it shall be better for Russia to be a friend, and smaller not that significant countries to become scapegoats temporarily. It seems that we have been given the kind of role”, declared the President during the meetings with the US Lithuanians.
Kaczynski Agrees with the Critic towards Polish Authorities

The Chairman of Polish Conservative Party “Law and Justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski agrees with the critic of the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite towards current Polish authorities, but he also observes the fault of Lithuania.

Thus former Prime Minister of Poland commented on the remarks of D. Grybauskaite on that Polish politicians, who decided to make friends with Russia, has made Lithuania a scapegoat.

“General evaluation of this policy is correct, but we should remember that Lithuanians also should define what they are doing inside their country. (…) Refusal of positive activity to the East from our borders and focus on Moscow gives sad results”,  - he said to reporters.

“On the other hand Lithuanians also have their fault. The problem of Polish minorities is a serious one, and if we would have been at power, we’d set this issue severely, - said the politician quoted by newswee.pl.

According to J. Kaczynski, his party discussed the issues of Polish minorities with Lithuanian government when they were at power.

“It was hard – it was the left-wing government, however they made some concessions. We managed to solve several important issues. Today they take an opposite direction, talking about the rights of (Polish) minorities, and we shall not ignore this by no means”, - said the Head of the party.
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