Slovakia sees Yamal-Europe 2 gas pipeline a real project

Slovakia's gas transit company Eustream believes that the construction of the Yamal-Europe 2 gas pipeline, which is to pass through Poland to Slovakia and Hungary, is a real project, Eurstream spokesperson Vahram Chuguryan told SITA, Slovakia's news agency.


"The gas pipeline, which links Belarus, Poland and Slovakia, is a real project and a concept that has already been analyzed in the past," he said.


At the same time, according to the Eustream spokesman, it is too early to talk about the details of the construction of the gas pipeline from Russia through the planned Belarusian-Polish-Slovak highway Kobrin-Wysokoje-Velke Kapusany.


Chuguryan also stressed that the company supports all projects that enhance the safety standards of gas supplies to Slovakia and increase the capacity of the Slovak gas transit network.


As UKRINFORM reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin last week ordered Gazprom to return to the development of the Yamal-Europe 2 gas pipeline for supplies to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.


However, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Friday said Poland will not participate in projects in which gas is a political tool. He noted that in the strategic context, Poland is not planning to increase gas supplies from Russia and is working on the diversification of gas supply sources.