Terrorist Attack Prevented on the Eve of “Eurovision” Song Contest

Azerbaijani Ministry of National Security (MNS) prevented an attempt of terror-provocative actions on the eve of “Eurovision” Song Contest held in Baku, reported MNS to the agency “Interfax-Azerbaijan”.

“One of the main objectives of the transnational criminal group was a terror-provocative action on the eve of “Eurovision-2012”, stated the MNS Center for Public Relations (CPR) of the Republic.

As a result of anti-terroristic operation of MNS, an armed group headed by Vugar Padarov was neutralized, which planned provocations, sabotage and terroristic acts to disturb social-political stability in Azerbaijan.

According MNS CPR the armed group within this objective planned to make several terrorist attacks at the sites of religious obeisance  of various confessions in the regions of Azerbaijan, as well as attacks on administrative buildings of law enforcement agencies.

It is pointed out that an armed group of people anticipated for their objectives preparation of dugouts in Azerbaijani regions bordering with Dagestan Republic of the Russian Federation in the places of temporary shelters.

In order to neutralize the armed criminal group MNS held a wide-scale operations in Baku, Giandzha, Sumgajyt, as well as in Gah, Zagatalsk, Shekinsk, Gusarsg, Alsheronck, Hachmaz and Sharban regions of the Republic. “In a number of cases, we prevented armed resistance of armed criminal group members. Vugar Padarov was eliminated, the main part of the armed group was neutralized”, - notes MNS CPR.

Another member of the group Timur Gusejnov was eliminated in Nizaminsk area of Baku by armed resistance to the security forces. Two MNS operatives were injured in course of the operation.

During the mission Samir Saniyev managed to escape from the place of crime, who is known aka “Abu-Ubejda”. However, he was arrested by policemen of Gazakh district by an attempt to cross the border.

MNS CPR reports that V. Padarov, S. Saniyev and wanted Elmir Nuraliyev illegally crossed the territory of Russia to Azerbaijan in July 2011. By this the armed group headed by V. Padarov was responsible for terrorist attack against the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev during his visit to North-West region of the Republic.

The armed group lead by S. Saniyev on its turn should have made explosions in the places of mass staying of foreigners in Baku in the period of “Eurovision” song contest. The group’s members should have performed attacks in “Hilton Baku”, “JW Marriot Hotel Absheron”, and in other hotels, as well as in the very site of the contest ”Baku Crystal Hall” and the National Flag Square. In particular at parking places of big hotels, it was planned to leave cars with explosives, which should have been activated on due time by remote control. One of the terrorists should have got into ”Baku Crystal Hall” for the final contest of “Eurovision” and blow up a noise bomb to incite panic and crowd of the audience.

After the terroristic attacks extra terrorist forces from Dagestan should have come to support the criminal group.

MNS CPR reports arresting of 40 members of the armed criminal group with machine guns, explosives, ammunition, means of communication, etc.
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