Terrorist Attack with Hands of Oligarch

In the end of April 2012 in the biggest and greenest city of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Almaty a terrorist attack was prevented. According to official statement of the General Prosecutor’s Office the terrorist attack was prevented by the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan at its preparatory stage.

Information on the prepared attack.  Security forces name Alexander Pavlov as the organizer, he is a personal bodyguard of an escaped oligarch, ex-Chair of BTA Bank M. Ablyazov and one of the leaders of nonregistered party “Alga” Muratbek Ketebayev. Their main objective was to intimidate people, exert pressure towards the power, create chaos and panic, as well as destabilize social and political situation in the Republic. According to the plan of A. Pavlov and his associates explosive devices had to be installed in the park “Family” behind the cinema “Sary Arka” in Auezov district of Almaty and at cross walks along the avenue Al-Farabi. To arrange the attacks A.Pavlov received 25 thousand USD, 15 thousand of which were given to the executor, and the rest was planned to be paid after the attacks.

According to the report of the Republic of Kazakhstan security forces, the participants of the attacks also undertook some attempts to establish contacts with the representatives of radical religious groups, including also abroad, which anticipated incitement of conflicts on inter-confessional and inter-ethnic ground.

At the moment suggested executors of terrorist attacks are kept in jail. They have already given the investigation some names of the organizers and told about money received. At the video from interrogation one of men admitted, than since 2009 he had worked for A. Pavlov. Under his request, the detainee transported people, money and documents within the territory of Kazakhstan and abroad.

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And if Ablyazov is the main conductor of non-accomplished attacks, then he can be considered to have lost all human values. To have revenge towards the power in office, he would undertake anything, even violation.  He already doesn’t think about his compatriots, relatives, elderly people and children, whom he can hurt severely with his greed, selfishness and other qualities not peculiar to a sensible person. He deserves to be hated by all people of Kazakhstan.

M. Ablyazov now is still free, but morally and psychologically he is in “cage”. He is wanted not only in Kazakhstan but in Europe as well. Despite his fortune, stolen from Kazakh people, the escaped oligarch couldn’t live in Great Britain. Court officers of London search for him, according to the sentence he is convicted for 22 months of jail for disrespect towards the court of this country. At the moment the location of ex-Chair of BTA Bank is still unknown.

Reference: In February 2009 under the Resolution of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Oversight over Financial Market and Financial Organizations (AFN) M. Ablyazov was dismissed from the post of the Head of the bank due “to recognition of his activity as non-corresponding to the interests of depositors and creditors of the bank, as well as the demands of the law in force. In February the same year he left Kazakhstan and now lives abroad. In August 2009 the General Prosecutor’s Office of Almaty finished preliminary investigation on theft of funds in BTA Bank in Temirbank, of which A. Ablyazov was accused. In October 2009 the Investigation Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia worded his accusation of arrangement within the territory of Russia of a fraud scheme with the goal to steal funds from Kazakhstani bank in the amount of more than 70 million USD. In 2009 being the President of investing-industrial group (IIG) “Eurasia”, he held private business mainly in Russia. At the moment the projects of the group are frozen, a part of such already constructed objects, as logistic complex “North Domodedovo” were sold to other companies. In October 2010 Russian court issued a sanction for the arrest of M. Ablyazov, and in January 2011 the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan sent to Great Britain a request to extradite M. Ablyazov.

One of important aspects in life of M. Ablyazov is his close relative relations with another escaped Minister and oligarch Viktor Khrapunov. In due time he gained control over the company managing electric networks KEGOC. He turned a promising enterprise into a source of profit and created mafia in energy sphere..


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