Turkey's ruling party to lose elections because of incorrect foreign policy

The policy pursued by Turkey's ruling party has not justified the hopes of the people on either external or internal aspects, so the victory of the party in the elections is definitely impossible, said Turkish MP from the opposition Nationalist Movement Party Senol Bal.

"The policy of the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) is doomed to failure," Bal told Trend by telephone from Ankara.

According to the MP, the foreign policy on the basis of program "zero problems with neighbors" actually failed, and Turkey is experiencing some problems with neighboring countries.
"Turkey still has not resolved many issues with neighboring countries," said Ball.

She also believes that assuming the role of mediator in many conflicts in the region, Ankara has failed to solve any one of them, and as a result, has lost credibility in the region.

The MP said that after the elections, a new period in foreign policy will begin for Turkey, when Ankara will actually see its chances in the issue of mediation in regional conflicts and intervene in them only on the condition of their solution.

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The next parliamentary elections in Turkey are scheduled for June 12. Erdogan's party has been in power in Turkey since November 2002. At the last parliamentary elections held in June 2007, it gained about 47 percent of the votes and formed a single-party government.

Bal also said that whoever comes to power in Turkey, after the elections, it will face several challenges in the social sphere, and therefore it will be necessary to conduct a series of reforms to address the social and political problems in the lives of citizens.

She said the major domestic problems of the country still include the problem of Kurdish separatists.

Bal said the AKP has begun negotiations with Kurdish separatists, and it very excites and displeases the citizens. "Turkey's new domestic policy will be based on the indivisibility of the country," said Bal.

Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mehmet Ali Sahin said yesterday that the state does not conduct any negotiations with terrorist organizations and negotiating with terrorist organizations contradicts to the principles of the country.

Shahin said the accusations of opposition parties that the Turkish authorities negotiate with terrorist organizations are intended to change the course and results of the upcoming elections.