Ukraine Made Moldova a Maritime State by Mistake: Ukrainian Expert

“Ukraine has to correct the mistakes done in due time in the negotiations with Moldova, which only got worse during the time of “oranges” in power”. Why so unexpectedly Moldova became a maritime state? This issue has to be investigated by Ukrainian Parliament", - claimed Ukrainian political analyst Konstantin Dolgov during the interview for IA Regnum Novosti.

"I think that the situation in Palanka should be analyzed by a Temporary Investigating Commission of Verkhovna Rada. There is an opinion that a number of the articles of the Constitution were violated, which allowed Moldova to become a maritime state, having occupied a part of Odessa region and thus gaining an opportunity to transit oil products. As for state interests of Ukraine, its Leaders I’m convinced should have a rigid and logic line within this issue", - noted the expert particularly. "Unfortunately for five years of “oranges” in power we showed the world that we don’t have our interests. Do you need a shelf plate? Take it! Do you need “Kemska Volost”? Here you go!

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I hope that the President Yanukovich will stop the policy of stripping of territories, resources, etc, and a significant part will play the Communistic Party, with which Viktor Fedorovich signed a famous memorandum on the eve of the elections. As far as I know, this document also included the issues of foreign policy of Ukraine ", - added the expert.

Ukrainian Mass Media reported that the Governor of Odessa region Eduard Matvijchuk earlier stated that in recent years Ukraine has led a policy that is quite an opposite to a state one. He said that for 11 years after the signing of the agreement Moldova hasn’t fulfilled its liabilities. "It’s time for us to stand for our interests rigidly. And Moldova already starts partially denying the prior agreements. We gave the neighboring state a possibility to become a maritime state, and got nothing in return ", - he underlined.

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Earlier Ukraine and Moldova came to an agreement on territorial argument – the arguable ground under the highway in the near of Moldovan village Palanka was called a “ground granted for the ownership of Ukraine, but locating within the territory of Moldova ".

IA Regnum Novosti reference: in accordance with the Treaty of 1999 on the exchange with territories Moldova received from Ukraine a part pf the shore on the Danube for the construction of Giurgiule┼čti port, and in its turn it promised to give Ukraine a part of a car road near the village Palanka and a piece of ground, through which it goes.

Later on Chisinau gave the road without the ground. In February 2010 then Ukrainian Foreign Minister Petr Poroshenko claimed that during a month Moldova would probably finalize the assignment of the part of the car road to Ukraine. At the same time, official representatives of Chisniau also repeatedly stated afterwards that the ground in the near of Moldovan village Palanka is inalienable from Moldovan territory and won’t be given to Ukraine. Nevertheless, oppositional to Moldovan authorities the Party of Communists and Christian-Democratic Peoples Party blame Moldovan authorities of the preparation of the “bill of the betray of the national interests of Moldova” by giving Ukraine an “integral part of Moldovan territory”. It’s noteworthy, that during the rule of the Party of Communists in Moldova in 2001-2009, Communistic authorities recognized the liabilities on the assignment of the ground in Palanka region to Ukraine, and even signed official documents with Kiev on this issue, however till 2009 they didn’t manage to finalize the factual process of the ground assignment.
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