Ukrainian Authorities Stopped the Train to Europe at Full Speed

Political crisis in Ukraine was incites by inconsistency of the executive power in Kiev. This is the opinion of the former Vice Minister of Finances Aleksey Kudrin expressed in the article published in “Kommersant”.


“It is extremely hard with already prepared and initialed the European Union Association Treaty and its benefits promoted among the people to stop this train at full speed and hope that it would not be perceived as deception of expectations ", - said the Head of the Civil Initiatives Committee. One of the reasons of such behavior was a complicated situation with the budget, established in the country in recent years.


However also Ukrainian opposition acted rashly because its actions are substantiated in a great extent not by the intention to take a complicated European way, but a close prospect of the Presidential elections.


"Many Ukrainian people want to integrate in Europe with its greater stability, more developed institutions, well-being and safety. But not everyone take a thought over how long the mentality of European person had been developing, who had developed economic and social system, which is twice more productive than in the most developed CIS states ", - underlines A. Kudrin. According to him one may regret that today Kiev faces a severe dilemma “East or West” considering that current agenda doesn’t include the issue on EU joining.


Ukraine should not argue with the neighbors, it is important to strengthen relations with the both main economic partners. The trade turnover of Ukraine with the EU and with Russia comprised USD 45 bln, but Kiev export more cars and machinery to the Russian Federation. Budget complications force Kiev to count on the IMF credit and if there is a lack of currency, Ukraine will have to devaluate UAH urgently.


"Considering purely economic aspects European integration of Ukraine is a choice between short- and mid-term reduction in economy (which shall be politically sensitive) with the introduction of unpopular measures in the on-coming two-tree years and the choice of a more long-term probable improvement of operation of economic and political institutions under a strict patronage of Brussels and the IMF.


In terms of maintaining of good relations and prevailing patronage of Russia Ukraine is able to count on a significant credit and gas prices adjustment, which shall postpone devaluation, and maybe also the accomplishment of reforms which still will have to be introduced after the Presidential elections ", - concluded the ex-Minister.


Suggestions of Russia are a good step as they allow conciliate the modes of operation of the three trade areas and to find an optimal way for Ukrainian economy. "Ukraine sooner or later shall integrate with Europe, but it is better to be done logically step by step ", - recommended A. Kudrin.


Mass disturbances, which captured Ukraine, started November 21st after the Government had frozen the procedure of association with the European Union. Last weekend during the crackdown 150 representatives of security forces and 165 participants of the protest actions were injured. Earlier that morning the protesters sieged  the government house and they also have blocked the building this morning.


Translated by EuroDialogueXXI from rbc.ru