WTO Knew Nothing about “Trade War” between Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine and Russia have decided to resolve independently the current custom’s situation about the export of goods and not to ask for the assistance of the World Trade Organization.


The World Trade Organization (WTO) is aware of the trade dispute between Ukraine and Russia. Kiev has not requested assistance in this conflict regulation.


“WTO does not initiate independently any actions towards any country. As of today we are officially not informed about this dispute. All WTO members appeal to the system of disputes regulation, but at the moment neither of the parties used this in this case ", - reported WTO answering the written request.


Along with this WTO refrained to give any estimation of the things happening.


Let’s remind recently the Mass Media reported about accumulation of trains with cargos from Ukraine in the number of check points. In particular, it is said, that about 500 wagons are standing at the station Bryansk-Lgovskiy and the same quantity wait to be examined on the way to it. 


The Federation of Employers of Ukraine states that Ukrainian exporters started hiding complications in Russian Customs yet in the end of July. The employees of the Customs, to the mind of the department, without any reasons check all Ukrainian goods, forcing to unload them. This leads to rising of the price or even to the failure of supplies of Ukrainian cargoes to Russian consumers. The Federal Customs Agency of the Russian Federation refused to comment on the situation. 


In its turn a number of Ukrainian companies declared that they have suspended shipment of goods to be exported to Russian market.


As earlier was reported according to the Federation of Employers of Ukraine (FEU) since August 14th of the current year the Custom’s service of Russia has included into the list of “risk ones” all without exclusions Ukrainian importers which in fact for an indefinite period has blocked supplies of goods from Ukraine. FEU has addressed the Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov with the favor to assist faster resolution of trade disputes with the Russian Federation. 


A  number of companies including the suppliers of vegetables  and fruits, as well as Metinvest, Global Spirits, Inkerman International and Milkyland has already declared about the problems with Custom’s registration of their goods at the border with Russia, and the corporation Obolon’ has frozen export of goods into the Russian Federation. Today information has been acquired that recently about a thousand of wagons has accumulated on the way to Russian-Ukrainian border. 


Nevertheless, representatives of Ukrainian Customs declared about absence of queues at Ukrainian-Russian borders. Nikolay Azarov, although he acknowledged the existence of definite problems, call Mass Media “not to inflate and exaggerate the situation”.


On August 16th Russian customs officials explained the core of toughened regime at the border with Ukraine.