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Barack Obama's state of the union address


Follow Barack Obama's 2012 state of the union address to Congress, in which he called for a fairer America and challenged Republicans not to obstruct his plans. READ MORE

Danish minister: Green growth without prophesying

By Timothy Spence

Danish Environment Minister Ida Auken has an ambitious agenda for her country's EU presidency, including global leadership on sustainable development. The Socialist politician says she sees no conflict between environmental regulation and spurring economic growth in Europe.
Ida Auken has been Denmark’s minister for environment since October. A member of the Socialist People’s Party, she was elected to the Danish Parliament in November 2007 and is a former chairwoman of the body’s environment committee.  READ MORE

Central Asian state shifts between Moscow and Washington depending on circumstances - Alexei Malashenko

In what some see as a move to secure military patronage from the United States, Uzbekistan’s president Islam Karimov has warned that the withdrawal of coalition forces from Afghanistan in 2014 will seriously threaten regional security. READ MORE

Talks with Russia on missile defence stalled - NATO

By Sebastian Moffett

Talks with Russia over NATO's planned missile defence system are failing to progress, the head of NATO said on Thursday, diminishing the likelihood of a summit with Moscow at the NATO summit in May. READ MORE

Azerbaijan develops Islamic financing

By Leyla Abdullayeva

Azerbaijan may soon become a regional Islamic financing center and play a significant role in boosting cooperation in Islamic banking with Persian Gulf and Central Asian countries. READ MORE

The Baltic Tigers after 20 years: is Russia extending a helping hand?

By Česlovas Iškauskas

On the New Year eve the Russian media started escalating the issue of Baltic countries’ future and their place in the region. The forecasts concerning future of the three Baltic States are far from promising. Yet most importantly, the efforts are made to withdraw Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from the general European context by suggesting Eastern values to these countries. READ MORE

Rogozin Proposes State Body on Aerospace Defenses

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Friday proposed setting up a government body responsible for consolidating efforts aimed at the creation of an effective aerospace defense network in the country. READ MORE

EU budget pact - a major breakthrough?


By Bernd Riegert

At their summit on Monday, 26 European Union members are set to adopt a new treaty on budget discipline. The fiscal pact is aimed at cutting debt. Is it a breakthrough or just a sideshow? READ MORE

Erdogan should resign over Armenia row


By Michael Kambeck

Erdogan should have followed a rational and strategic approach regarding the French bill on Armenian genocide. Instead, he acts like a small kid in the sandbox, writes Michael Kambeck from European Friends of Armenia. READ MORE

Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan

Socio-Economic Modernization as Main Vector of Development of Kazakhstan. READ MORE