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Rogun damage to Uzbekistan estimated at $600 million — US experts

Expert studies of the University of North Dakota State University in the United States estimated that the annual expense of Rogun HPP in Tajikistan evaluated for Uzbekistan in the amount of $ 600 million. READ MORE

Kazakhstan Struggles to Contain Salafist-Inspired Terrorism

By Jacob Zenn

Kazakhstan has experienced a rise in militant activity carried out by Salafist groups on its territory and periphery since late 2011. READ MORE

Latvian delegation to attend Turkmenbashi port to exchange experience

Latvian Transport Minister Aivis Ronis and the administrator of the major Riga free port Leonid Loginov have planned an official visit to Turkmenistan to get acquainted with work of the Turkmenbashi port, Russian media report. READ MORE

Play of Positions in Central Asia

By Mikhail Agadzhanyan

The play of positions gradually deploys between Russia, China and the USA in Central Asia. The rules of this game in general are not defined, they are still at the stage of development. But no matter what shape shall these rule take in future, now it is already clear, that three pointed foreign forces are not prone to limit their actions in this region and make them dependent from policy of counterpartners. Positionality of Central Asian play is determined with several unbiased factors. First of all, it’s necessary to note, that all five Republics of the region differ with specificity of the niches taken in general Central Asian composition of interstate preferences and configurations. READ MORE

Pentagon has resources to implement Asia strategy: Carter


By David Alexander

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Wednesday offered a broad defense of the U.S. military’s shift in focus to the Asia-Pacific region, insisting the Pentagon had the resources to implement the new strategy despite concerns about tight budgets. READ MORE

Ukraine to Keep Cutting Russian Gas Import in 2013

By Oleg Varfolomeyev

Ukraine haas indicated that a cut in Russian natural gas purchases will be deeper next year than expected thus far, to 24.5 billion cubic meters (bcm). This means that Ukrainian gas imports from Russia will be below contractual volumes for the third year in a row, for which Ukraine may be punished according to the take-or-pay clause in the 2009 contract between Gazprom and the national oil and gas company Naftohaz Ukrainy. Ukraine cuts gas imports saying that it cannot afford to pay the prices set by Russia, but Moscow insists that Kyiv can expect price cuts only if it joins the Russian-led customs union. READ MORE