Archive - Oct 8, 2012


Back the EU or risk isolation, Poland warns UK

Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski has called on Britain to abandon its «false consciousness» of euroscepticism and take the lead in EU decision-making. READ MORE

Armenia and Azerbaijan in the European leash?

By Arshaluys Mgdesyan

Neither Yerevan nor Baku can wait for a definitive nod from the European institutions, but can always count on the coolness and calm interaction. READ MORE

Scotland leader Alex Salmond’s dream: The death of modern Britain

By Henry Chu

One of Britain’s savviest politicians, who visited the U.S. , hypothesizes on success when discussing possible independence for Scotland. READ MORE

Turkey, Syria exchange artillery fire for fifth-straight day

Turkish artillery fired toward Syria for a fifth day in a row on Sunday, minutes after a Syrian shell landed on Turkish territory. READ MORE