Archive - Dec 14, 2012


What Do We Know About Janaozen Events?

By Victor Gott

December 16th, 2012 is the anniversary of sadly famous event in Kazakhstani city Janaozen, which gained broad fame, as on thoroughly developing island of peace and security unfavorable precedent took place.  READ MORE

Obama's Moment

By Zbigniew Brzezinski

How the president can seize back the initiative on foreign policy. READ MORE

Silk Wind Project in Central Asia and South Caucasus Gains Speed

By Richard Weitz

In recent months, Kazakhstan and Georgia have joined with Azerbaijan and Turkey to make considerable progress in their Silk Wind Project, which aims to construct a high-speed, multimodal container transportation system for freight shipments between the countries of Europe, the Caucasus and Asia. According to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan, the participating countries plan to introduce a single tariff for the transportation of goods within the project as well as share more preliminary information between their customs authorities and rail operators (Trend, November 28).  READ MORE