Archive - Feb 20, 2012


Lithuanian and Polish leaders agree to personally look after joint energy projects

Presidents of Lithuania and Poland Dalia GrybauskaitÄ— and Bronislaw Komorowski agreed in Vilnius on Thursday to personally take care of joint energy projects. READ MORE

European press review: Wulff and public morality


Opinions are divided on what Christian Wulff's resignation represents. Commentators variously point to Germany's hubris in the debt crisis, Wulff's long-standing image problems and a press with too much power. READ MORE

Commission deplores Serb's Northern Kosovo referendum


A referendum organised in the Serbia-populated northern part of Kosovo on whether to recognise the government of the Albanian majority received a frosty reception from the European Commission today (14 February). READ MORE

Cameron meets Sarkozy to sign France-Britain nuclear deal

Britain and France are to sign a civil nuclear energy deal on Friday, as UK Prime Minister David Cameron meets President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris. The British government claims the deal will create thousands of jobs. READ MORE