Archive - Jun 2012


June 20th

West cuts nuclear warheads as it negotiates with Iran


By Olga Khazan

The world’s nuclear powers will meet with Iranian diplomats this week in Moscow, where Iran will probably insist that it should have the right to enrich uranium while Western nations demand cuts in Iran’s nuclear program. READ MORE

Southeast Europe Sets 2020 EU Membership Deadline

Ministers have called for furthering regional cooperation and European Union membership by 2020. READ MORE

Croatia President: Europe, an opera with happy ending

By Daniela Vincenti

A musician and a composer,  Ivo Josipović, President of Croatia, sees Europe as an opera with a happy ending. The eurozone crisis has sidelined the fundamentals of the Union, and people take their anti-war community for granted, but it is perceived differently outside the EU borders, he said in an interview. READ MORE

June 18th

Armenia and Azerbaijan: Threat of war is growing

By Arshaluys Mgdesyan

Tension at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone is growing. Frequent sabotage actions are increasing tension. Firing at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border continues. Both sides have officially confirmed the death of four Armenian soldiers and five Azerbaijani at the contact line. Later, Armenian intelligence reported that as a result of the respond by the Armenian troops that the number of victims in the Azeri armed forces had reached seven dead, which was refuted by Baku. READ MORE

When Europe Will Start to Recover


By Rick Newman

Nobody can pinpoint the date on which Europe will start to pull out of its financial nosedive. But there's a phrase that captures the general idea: one minute to midnight. READ MORE

June 15th

Kyrgyzstan Signs NATO Reverse Transit Agreement

By Roger McDermott

On May 22, during the NATO Summit in Chicago, Kyrgyzstan’s Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbaev and NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow signed an agreement on ground transport routes for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), allowing the country to actively support the complex drawdown of Alliance forces from Afghanistan. Kyrgyzstan’s foreign ministry believes that the new accord with NATO is not only in the interest of stabilizing Afghanistan, but will also contribute to the future security of Central Asia. READ MORE

Two anniversaries mark milestones in NATO-Russia relations


Fifteen years ago, on 27 May 1997, the signature of the NATO-Russia Founding Act provided the formal basis for bilateral cooperation. And ten years ago, on 28 May 2002, the creation of the NATO-Russia Council provided a forum for the Allies and Russia to meet as equals to discuss and cooperate on issues of common interest. Driven by a spirit of pragmatism in the face of shared security challenges, the relationship has come a long way since these milestones, though it has yet to live up to its strategic potential. READ MORE

June 13th

In Nuclear Gripe

By Daniil Rozanov

The main recent event, connected with the project of construction of new Visaginas NPP in Lithuania, can be considered that the Commission of Lithuanian Parliament on Nuclear Energy unexpectedly hasn’t approved a bill on nuclear power plant. READ MORE

Socialists set to form next French government but Front National may enter parliament


By Tony Cross

France’s newly elected President François Hollande can count on a Socialist-led government being elected next weekend, judging by results in the weekend’s first round of the French parliamentary election. But, for the first time for 24 years, there may be MPs from the far-right Front National (FN) in the National Assembly. READ MORE

June 11th

Cameron, Merkel: fiscal pact not enough to solve crisis

By Richard Carter

Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed on Thursday that the EU's fiscal pact was not a sufficient step in itself to resolve the crippling eurozone debt crisis. READ MORE