Archive - Jun 20, 2012


West cuts nuclear warheads as it negotiates with Iran


By Olga Khazan

The world’s nuclear powers will meet with Iranian diplomats this week in Moscow, where Iran will probably insist that it should have the right to enrich uranium while Western nations demand cuts in Iran’s nuclear program. READ MORE

Southeast Europe Sets 2020 EU Membership Deadline

Ministers have called for furthering regional cooperation and European Union membership by 2020. READ MORE

Croatia President: Europe, an opera with happy ending

By Daniela Vincenti

A musician and a composer,  Ivo Josipović, President of Croatia, sees Europe as an opera with a happy ending. The eurozone crisis has sidelined the fundamentals of the Union, and people take their anti-war community for granted, but it is perceived differently outside the EU borders, he said in an interview. READ MORE