Archive - Jul 2, 2012


Uzbekistan Snubs SCO Peace Mission 2012

By Roger McDermott

Uzbekistan is often cast as a reluctant or difficult member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) or the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), because of its consistent opposition to new initiatives in either body and relentless prudence concerning its participation in multilateral military exercises. Yet, the complex policymaking in Tashkent that produces such thorny approaches to security issues is also frequently refracted through the Russian media in such a way as to distort its purposes or deeper considerations. Once again, behind the colorful official claims of success surrounding the latest SCO Peace Mission exercise, Tashkent exposed the disunity in the organization by refusing to participate (Interfax, June 9). READ MORE

Economic benefits from UK nuclear plans

A report for EDF Energy has put some figures on the benefits to the UK economy that could flow from the company's plans for new nuclear power plants. READ MORE

Russian And Belarusian Nuclear Projects Have To Ensure Nuclear And Radiation Safety, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Says


Maximum effort is required to ensure that neighbouring countries follow the rules for nuclear and radiation safety when implementing their nuclear projects, also that they strictly comply with international environmental requirements, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius A┼żubalis said during the meeting of representatives of Lithuanian institutions at the Foreign Ministry on June 27. The meeting discussed issues related to safety of the nuclear projects that are implemented at the Lithuanian state borders, in Russia’s Kaliningrad region and Belarus. READ MORE