Archive - Jul 27, 2012


Who Shall Become the Successor of Yanukovych?

By Oleg Gorbunov

Ukrainian politicum after adoption the law on languages in the second reading have come to move.  All political forces started getting ready in advance to the pre-electoral struggle – in autumn they shall fight for the places in the Supreme Council Verkhovna Rada. The same active is a pre-campaign on the Presidential elections, planned for 2015. Already now the favorites have been marked. Together with that the team of the President of Ukraine prepares a big Constitutional reform. Where shall this take Ukraine to? Who shall claim for the post of the President in 2015? Whether the team of V. Yanukovych breaks? Why does the acting President of the country need the Constitutional Assembly and which subjects shall be the main ones in its work? Ukrainian experts answer “Plitcom.ru” on these and other questions. READ MORE

The Euro’s Latest Reprieve


By Joseph E. Stiglitz

Like an inmate on death row, the euro has received another last-minute stay of execution. It will survive a little longer. The markets are celebrating, as they have after each of the four previous “euro crisis” summits – until they come to understand that the fundamental problems have yet to be addressed. READ MORE

“Gazprom” Is Ready to Stop the Supplies of Gas to Poland, Ukraine is the next one

Russia on the case of Poland intends to show Ukraine, that it doesn’t plan to reduce the gas price. According to the source in Russian monopoly, if the court cancels the treaty not beneficial for Poland, “Gazprom” shall simply stop supplies of gas to this country. Moreover, the company warns, after such events this Poland shall hardly be able to sign a more advantageous agreement. READ MORE