Archive - Aug 10, 2012


Tight Grip of Democracy

By Alina Kantor

Democracy as natural state of existence for a western person in new, developing countries, can be perceived in the context of collapse of civilizations. This is a challenge, which can’t be ignored. READ MORE

Uzbekistan rules out foreign military bases - IWPR

Uzbekistan’s parliament has passed legislation to enact a new strategic document that rules out the possibility of hosting foreign military bases, reports NBCA of IWPR. READ MORE

The India-China Rivalry


By Robert D. Kaplan

As the world moves into the second decade of the 21st century, a new power rivalry is taking shape between India and China, Asia's two behemoths in terms of territory, population and richness of civilization. India's recent successful launch of a long-range missile able to hit Beijing and Shanghai with nuclear weapons is the latest sign of this development. READ MORE