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Hiroshima marks 67th anniversary of A-bomb attack


Japan marked the 67th anniversary of the world's first atomic bomb attack with a ceremony Monday that was attended by a grandson of Harry Truman, the U.S. president who ordered the bomb dropped on the city of Hiroshima. READ MORE

Russia allows transit of NATO supplies via Ulyanovsk


By Anna Analbaeva

Opening of customs hub expected in August, fulfilling a proposal made by Russia in March. READ MORE

Is China Losing the Diplomatic Plot?

By Kishore Mahbubani

In 2016, China’s share of the global economy will be larger than America’s in purchasing-price-parity terms. This is an earth-shaking development; in 1980, when the United States accounted for 25% of world output, China’s share of the global economy was only 2.2%. And yet, after 30 years of geopolitical competence, the Chinese seem to be on the verge of losing it just when they need it most. READ MORE