Archive - Nov 15, 2013


Germany under EU scrutiny for current account surplus


The European Commission decided to prepare an in-depth analysis of Germany's persistently high current account surplus to find out if it is a sign of a serious imbalance in Europe's biggest economy. READ MORE

Indo-Russian Summit Highlights Emerging Trends in Asian International Relations

By Stephen Blank

Indian Premier Manmohan Singh’s October 21–22 visit to Moscow not only reaffirmed traditional Indo-Russian amity, it also revealed significant trends in Asian developments that affect both parties as well as other key players like the United States, China and Pakistan. READ MORE

UK's most-wanted criminals hiding in Spain named

Thirteen of Britain's most-wanted criminals, thought to be on the run in Spain, have been named by the National Crime Agency. READ MORE

Le Pen, Wilders hope to unite Europe-wide eurosceptic alliance

The leaders of the Dutch and French far right launched an alliance to fight the European Union from within at a meeting on Wednesday in The Hague. Marine Le Pen of France's Front National and Geert Wilders of the Netherlands Party for Freedom (PVV) hope to attract other parties to a Europe-wide alliance of far-right parties ahead of next year's European elections. READ MORE

Kyrgyzstan informs US ambassador about shutting down Manas air base

The Kyrgyz foreign ministry has notified the US ambassador in Kyrgyzstan it is going to shut down the US Manas air base in July 2014, media say. READ MORE

Final Adventure In Europe Of One Oligarch

By Pierre Elzas

Thanks to the criminal oligarchy , the thesis who owns the information, owns the world has undergone major changes. One of the PR people can be called an international scale Mukhtar Ablyazov . It uses media tool lies. This person actively interested in law enforcement Great Britain, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece , Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. READ MORE