Archive - Nov 22, 2013


Ukraine suspends preparations for EU trade agreement


A government statement said the decision had been taken to protect Ukraine's "national security". READ MORE

Situation with migration policy in Russia to grow worse

A growing number of migrants from Central Asia are coming to Russia to earn money. Their situation became more difficult because of growing anti-immigrant sentiments, but they don’t see a way out yet. READ MORE

China’s New Reforms in Theory and Practice

On November 12, the Third Plenary of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced a major turn to market-oriented policies: interest-rate and currency liberalization, reform of banks and state enterprises, clearer land ownership for rural inhabitants, and a better deal for urban migrants. READ MORE

Europe’s eastern future at stake at the EU Vilnius summit

By Alex Petriashvili, the Georgian state minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration

The aggressive attitude of Russia towards neighbour countries seeking closer EU integration indicates a new reality which the EU’s Eastern partnership must be ready to face, writes Alex Petriashvili. READ MORE

Oligarchs at war in the British courts

By Robert Mendick

It promises to be one of the most expensive cases ever heard in a British courtroom — involving three oligarchs who have fallen out in spectacular fashion. READ MORE

Kazakh FA Minister & EU reps discuss visa regime simplification

During his visit to Brussels the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Erlan Idrissov has held a separate bilateral talks with Linus Linkevičius, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Lithuania holding the Presidency of the EU, and the European Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs. READ MORE