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ARTIS PABRIKS: Over more than a decade Latvia has been security exporter to the South Caucasus and Central Asia regions

Exclusive interview of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Latvia   Dr. Artis Pabriks  READ MORE

Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov took part in the Seventh EU-Central Asia Ministerial Meeting

On November 20, the Seventh European Union and Central Asia Ministerial Meeting took place in Brussels. Kazakhstan was represented by Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov. READ MORE

Afghan President Delays Signing of Deal with US


By Sharon Behn

In an historic decision, Afghanistan’s assembly of tribal and community elders, the Loya Jirga, overall approved a multi-page Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States.  But it is still unclear when the deal will be signed. READ MORE

Estonian ministry: building gas pipeline to Finland is not decided yet

The Estonian Economy and Communications Ministry is not certain that the Estonian end of the Balticconnector gas pipeline, planned to be built between Estonia and Finland, should come on shore somewhere near Paldiski or whether the pipeline would even be built, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports. READ MORE

Pipelines Of Empire

By Robert D. Kaplan and Eugene Chausovsky

At this juncture in history, the fate of Europe is wound up not in ideas but in geopolitics. For millennia, eruptions from Asia have determined the fate of Europe, including invasions and migrations by Russians, Turkic tribes and Byzantine Greeks. Central and Eastern Europe, with their geographical proximity to the Asian steppe and the Anatolian land bridge, have borne the brunt of these cataclysms. Today is no different, only it is far subtler. Armies are not marching; rather, hydrocarbons are flowing. For that is the modern face of Russian influence in Europe. To understand the current pressures upon Europe from the east it is necessary to draw a map of energy pipelines. READ MORE