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December 11th

One-sided power

By Sergey Karaganov, an honorable Chairman of the General Committee of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council

Russia wins in foreign policy but this is not enough to preserve the status of one of the great powers READ MORE

Moscow urges OSCE to address problem of non-citizenship in EU - Lavrov

Moscow is calling on the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to take a closer look at the problem of national minorities, including the problem of non-citizenship in the European Union, the Voice of Russia correspondent Ksenya Melnikova quotes Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying. READ MORE


By Alina Kantor

French Court of Aix -en-Provence has once again postponed consideration of a request for extradition of the former head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov Ukraine. While the court postponed the start consideration on December 12. On the same day the Court of Appeal of Aix-en - Provence will be considered a similar request from Russia . READ MORE

December 9th

BORIS TADIC: whatever is going to be position of Russia EU has to continue Eastern Partnership policy

Interview of  former President of Serbia and the Honorary president of Democratic Party, Boris Tadic. READ MORE

France and Poland Leading Europe’s Defense Integration

When NATO Commander General Philip Breedlove revealed last month that the United States would be cutting its military spending in Europe by up to 20 percent next year, Europe did not react with the same concern it might have shown even a few years ago. That may be because a more strategic Europe is emerging after a prolonged period of soul-searching. Two countries in particular appear to be leading the way: France and Poland. READ MORE

Results of Lithuanian EU Presidency reviewed at a meeting with EU ambassadors

As Lithuania’s Presidency of the EU Council is drawing to a close, President Dalia Grybauskaitė met with ambassadors of the 22 EU member states residing in our country, the Press Service of the President has informed. READ MORE

Increased Competition Eu With China In Central Asia

By Renata Marcuse

For China, the Central Asian countries are of strategic importance due to the presence of hydrocarbon resources. Recently, the Beijing intensifies significantly expand energy cooperation with countries of the region. READ MORE

December 6th

Bulgaria Builds Fence on Border With Turkey

Bulgarian authorities say they are constructing a fence on a 30-kilometer (19-mile) stretch of the country's 274-kilometer (171-mile) border with Turkey in an effort to stop illegal immigration. READ MORE

A New Russia Policy for Germany


By Dmitri Trenin

More than any other European state, Germany is responsible for developing and implementing the European Union’s (EU’s) policy toward Russia. Berlin needs to accept this responsibility, assume leadership, and develop a Russia policy fit for the twenty-first century. To succeed, Germans need to closely watch the evolution of the economic, social, and political situation in Russia and adapt their policy as necessary. The next several years in Russia will be interesting, and the next two decades will be decisive for the country’s development. READ MORE

Ukrainian Authorities Stopped the Train to Europe at Full Speed

Political crisis in Ukraine was incites by inconsistency of the executive power in Kiev. This is the opinion of the former Vice Minister of Finances Aleksey Kudrin expressed in the article published in “Kommersant”. READ MORE