Archive - Dec 27, 2013


Moldova In Integration Vectors


By Marian Katan

In Moldova, began an active struggle for change integration vector with the EU's customs union . READ MORE

“Hungary persecutes those who fight against corruption”

By Gábor Tanács

Billions of euros-worth of tax is lost in Hungary each year because of VAT fraud. The tax authority suggests the issue is innate to the European tax system, and cannot be stopped. READ MORE

Preservation Of Foreign Troops In Afghanistan Is Not Change The Situation For Russia

In 2011, the United States decided to withdraw combat troops from Iraq threatened to change the status of American troops that could be amenable to Iraqi tribunals. In 2014, the same scenario could happen in Afghanistan.  READ MORE

The exceptional example of cooperation

By Robert Norton

The FBI confirmed the involvement of Rakhat Aliyev to the killing of a well known Kazakh politician Sarsenbayev. READ MORE