Archive - Feb 13, 2013


Nuclear triangle in the Baltic Region and energy alternatives


At the end of the last year the Centre for Geopolitical Studies organised an international conference „Nuclear Energy Triangle: Regional and Global Challenges of Nuclear Power“. The focus during the conference was given to the Lithuanian, Russian and Belarusian NPP projects, their economic feasibility and geopolitical implications.   READ MORE

Lithuania's ties with Poland getting back on track, says foreign minister after apologizing for MPs voting down name-spelling law

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius said during a visit in Poland that bilateral dialogue between the two neighboring states was getting "back on track." READ MORE

Washington Shall Chose Stability

By Nikolay Pakhomov

Yet some time ago American political analysts and reporters actively discussed the “Arab Spring” and in these discussions the case was more about that the “Spring: has turned into “winter”, and hopes for rapid establishment in Near East of democracy and the triumph of human rights haven’t come true. Now this discussion is gradually ceasing – it seems that liberal dreamers recognize that there is nothing to hope for. READ MORE

Something About CU

By Mark Rubin

Many countries consider the Customs Union (CU) of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus as a "plum", the place where you can deliver the goods as well as export raw materials from it. Taking into account the new tariff rates of this "triple" the last option is much more profitable. Integration association that was set up in record short time, learns the lessons of the EU, and therefore, following the beaten track, is developing a tremendous success. READ MORE