Archive - Mar 11, 2013


The UN Security Council has approved tough sanctions against the North Korean regime


The new sanctions against North Korea will affect even the diplomats of the country and will be one of the toughest in the history of the UN. READ MORE

Schengen will be available at the visa centers in Russia and Ukraine

Applications for issuing Schengen visas in Russia and Ukraine can apply not only to the Embassy of Lithuania, but also in the 28 visa centers. READ MORE

The Coming Atlantic Century

By Anne-Marie Slaughter

The United States is rising; Europe is stabilizing; and both are moving closer together. That was the principal message earlier this month at the annual Munich Security Conference (MSC), a high-powered gathering of defense ministers, foreign ministers, senior military officials, parliamentarians, journalists, and national-security experts of every variety. READ MORE

Washington put the effort to restore Turkish-Israeli relations

Over the past three years, Turkey and Israel have learned to live in a state of bilateral "no war, no peace" READ MORE