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June 28th

Russia to Supply Arms to Kyrgyzstan in 2014

Moscow will begin supplying weapons and other military equipment to Kyrgyzstan next year as part of a bilateral armed forces assistance program, Russia’s defense minister said Tuesday. READ MORE

Britain's Search for a New European Policy

By Elizaveta Gromoglasova

The Credibility Gap READ MORE

Ukraine – EU agreement 'in the balance'

Signing the EU-Ukraine association agreement in November hangs in the balance, Poland’s foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski said after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg. READ MORE

EU-US trade negotiations must be transparent

The negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the United States must be opened up for public scrutiny, aruges Natacha Cingotti. Natacha Cingotti is corporate campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe. READ MORE

Kazakh-German Strategic Cooperation

Kazakhstan is 'anchor of stability' in Eurasia READ MORE

June 26th

"Turkey-EU relations exponentially decelerated especialy after Gezi Park protests"


JTW team held an interview with USAK Center for European Union Studies expert Mustafa Kutlay, analyzing the Gezi Park protests as regards to the Turkey-EU relations. Kutlay stated that EU’s remarks concerning the Gezi Park protests are not particularly resulted from Turkey’s stance. He stressed that this issue is linked with the fundamental rights and freedoms which are assured in the EU’s legal texts. READ MORE

NATO and Missile Defence

Speech by NATO Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow at the 2013 RUSI Missile Defence Conference, London – 12 june 2013 READ MORE

Gazprom Withdraws from Tender for Greek Gas System

By Vladimir Socor

Russian Gazprom was poised to take over Greece’s Public Gas Corporation (DEPA), but has withdrawn from the tender literally on the last possible day. The final, binding offer was due to be submitted on June 10, but it did not arrive. Instead, Gazprom claims that the Greek government did not offer sufficient incentives for Gazprom to proceed with the acquisition of DEPA (Kommersant, June 11). READ MORE

Germany blocks Turkey's EU accession talks

Germany blocked the next step in the European Union's membership talks with Turkey over Ankara's crackdown on anti-government protests. Berlin blocked the decision to open a new chapter in the long-running accession talks because “there are still open questions,” Associated Press reported, referring to a diplomat from an EU nation. READ MORE

June 24th

Obama visit: Why U.S. now needs Germany more than ever


By Sudha David-Wilp

U.S. President John F. Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech delivered 50 years ago was well received by more than 100,000 Germans hopeful for America's steadfast support as Berlin came to symbolize one of the Cold War's main battlegrounds. As presidential candidate in the summer of 2008, Barack Obama had nearly twice that number of optimistic onlookers at Berlin's Victory Column who eagerly anticipated a new American outlook on questions ranging from climate change to nuclear disarmament. READ MORE